There have been a few minor clarifications and changes to the regular weekly race procedures under our General Rules. These changes have been made at the request of the drivers and to present a more entertaining show for our fans.

For all classes except IMCA Modifieds, the drivers will now draw for their heat racing positions and will qualify from those heats to their features in a "heads up" format. The last heat race winner will stop at the end of the front straight, after their cool down lap, and will draw an invert number from the line up person. The possible number of cars to be inverted for the A Feature will either by 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 cars. There will never be more than five row of cars inverted.

There will be no change for the IMCA Modifieds, as their line ups are determined by IMCA rules.

The other clarifications concern lap cars and double file restarts. As listed in the general rules, lap cars will be placed tailback at the next restart. This has been in the rules all along, but is being re-emphasized, at this time.

On all races, except heats, we will utilize the Delaware X double file restart system for every restart until there are less than three laps remaining. This would be a green, white, checkered flag finish of two laps. In that scenario, the restart will be single file for the last two laps only. If during a feature a restart cannot be successfully completed, by making a complete lap, in two tries, the race will be restarted single file. However, once a race is restarted single file, with the exception of only two laps left, we will return to the double file restart.

The Delaware X restart system places the lead car on the front row by theirself. The second place car will choose either the inside or outside starting position of the second row with the third place car taking the other position. The fourth place car will always start on the inside of row three with the rest of the field "xing" into positions behind them in an inside outside fashion.

In a related note, on initial race starts, if the cars cannot successfully start the race by taking a green flag, the front two rows will be inverted and re-attempted. If after several unsuccessful attempts to initially start a race double file, the track officials, at their discretion, may choose to start a race in a single file lineup. This does not affect race restarts, only the initial start of the race.

We hope these clarifications and changes will provide a more exciting racing experience for our fans and provide better racing for our drivers. These changes will take effect with the 10th Annual Danny Martinez, Jr. Memorial Races and Law Enforcement, EMT/Paramedics and Fire Fighter's night on May 6th, 2017. Remember, pit gates and grandstands now open at 5 PM. Driver sign in ends at 7 PM with the driver's meeting taking place at that time. Hot laps will start at 7:30 PM and racing is scheduled to start at 8 PM each night, unless otherwise posted.


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