• Starting Line Up for Night #4 - 34th Annual Spooker

    Here are the line ups for the Factory Stocks, Super Stocks, Smith Chevrolet USRA B Modifieds and the USRA A Modifieds that qualified on Night #3.
    Don't forget that racing starts at 3 PM on Sunday. Pit gates open at 1 PM and grandstands open at 2 PM. Please see the flyers on this page for pricing information. (The Saturday night prices are the prices for Sunday due to the rain postponement on Friday.)

    USRA B Modified - A Feature - STARTING LINE UP
    Car Driver Car Driver
    14C Camden Perry 72 Ben Solberg
    31 Lonny Flanagan 33 Stephen Muilenburg
    68 Gerry Vaughn 1/4 Aaron Scoggins
    41T Terry Phillips 129 Chandler Jones
    2 Jacob Campbell 18K Jack Kirby
    15 Dawson Graham    
    Factory Stock - A Feature -  STARTING LINE UP 
    Car Driver Car Driver
    028 Keith Gunter X-15 H Palmer
    4X Kreg Dobson 48X Shelly Carver
    410 Toy Thilges 313 David Palmer
    33 Brad Johnson 1 Jay Anderson
    Factory Stock - B Feature #1 -  LINE UP - Top 7 Transfer
    Car Driver Car Driver
    0 Junior Adams J9 Jimmy Wiley
    11M Rick McNally 27 Rick Edgerton
    6+ Raymond Ludlow 6K Penny Bostick
    627 Nick Korte 83 Ray Phipps
    12T Brent Grover 4 Jeremy Smith
    22 Gary Clark 75 Shannon Cox
    711 Jacky Griffin 2 Jesse Garner
    44 Jack Bostick    
    Factory Stock - B Feature #2 -  LINE UP - Top 7 Transfer
    Car Driver Car Driver
    48 Chris Patterson 98 Matthew Rush
    4+4 Jerome Heinrich 23 Kaden Weaver
    176 Chase Vineyard 2J James Johnson
    35 Wendell Vaughn 42J Justin Burt
    15 Randy Mitchell 5 Matthew Bolton
    14 Jeremy Drewry 55 Justin Johnson
    30 Brandon Rowland 5C Cody Couch
    7 Andrew Bohanan    
    USRA A Modified - A Feature -  STARTING LINE UP
    Car Driver Car Driver
    160 Michael Maggard 21R Jesse Stovall
    31J Jeremy Rasmussen 33X Stephen Muilenburg
    26 Brian Williams 15 George Martin
    33 Lonnie Robins 109 Jamie Hibbs
    7H Brett Hansen 4W Tyler Wolff
    USRA A Modified - B Feature #1 - LINE UP - Top 4 Transfer
    Car Driver Car Driver
    17X Heath Weston 8 Jeremy Vaughn
    127 Andy Morris 18 Casey Lindell
    11N Gene Nicholas 77 Chris Powell
    24 Toby Lindell 5* Alan Davis
    88 Sam Osmen 20X Dusty Mayfield
    14R Richard Crow 300 Shane Bailey
    USRA A Modified - B Feature #2 - LINE UP - Top 4 Transfer
    Car Driver Car Driver
    1 Mike Wroblewski 29 Scott Haseman
    73 Mickey Burrell 20R Bryan Rowland
    74 Robert Janes 1T Ryan Taylor
    27 Dan Morris 2 Daniel Tarkington
    V75 Gary Vaughn 17 Brent Holman
    6 Chris Theodore 71 Jay Rierson
    USRA A Modified - B Feature #3 - LINE UP - Top 4 Transfer
    Car Driver Car Driver
    6M Andy Milliken 38R Jeremy Ross
    B57 Darwin Hale 23G Robbie Gates
    7 Daniel Franklin 10 JD Jackson
    5 Jordan Turner 75 Kyle Ledford
    47 Melvin Pilcher F1 Tyson Franks
    20 Bobby Mayfield 10H Randy Henson
    Super Stock - A Feature -  STARTING LINE UP
    Car Driver Car Driver
    X-15 H Palmer 87 Johnny Mitchell
    10X Brian Parker 9D Kyle Davis
    96 Shane Hickey 27 Ron Grover
    Super Stock - B Feature #1 - LINE UP - Top 4 Transfer
    Car Driver Car Driver
    39 Robert Southerland 5E Ty Evans
    64L Dan Leatherman 60 Chuck Knight
    X13 Billy Wheeler 4 Brandon Rowland
    35 John Coats 12 Scott Abbott
    47 Randy Russell 26X Darin Rigney
    4E Josh Essary 15 Brandon Hunter
    Super Stock - B Feature #2 - LINE UP - Top 4 Transfer
    Car Driver Car Driver
    9 Darrin Chrisler 26D Dylan Davlin
    44 Chris Nicholson 76 Bobby Prewett
    75 Randy Moses II 52 Jim Philpot
    1 Grant Davis 21 Chuck Bentley
    11 Tim Moore 53S Jess Sims
    32H Sam Randolph 20A Ethan Lamons
    Super Stock - B Feature #3 - LINE UP - Top 4 Transfer
    Car Driver Car Driver
    17M Jeff Metcalf 17 Neil Johnston
    64 Ricky Smith 8H Brandon Henry
    43 Dennis Schoenfeld 122 Brian Young
    26 Gean Davlin 00 Martin Dunigan
    C35 Casey Willson 18 Shawn Blair
    14J TJ Moore 57 Jimmy Freeman
    Super Stock - B Feature #4 - LINE UP - Top 4 Transfer
    Car Driver Car Driver
    44K Robert Knowles 74S Scott Stuart
    75M Randy Moses 74 Kent Bright
    3D H Duane Rose 135 Burl Woods
    116 Roy Roberts 40 Tayler Carver
    60W Mike Rice 10-4 Chance Asher
    96M Rick Smith    


  • Previous Spooker Winners (Late Models and Modifieds)

    1980 Larry Phillips    
    1981 Larry Phillips    
    1982 Jerry Inman    
    1983 Billy Moyer    
    1984 Larry Phillips    
    1985 Gary Wright 1985 Mike Withrow
    1986 Billy Moyer 1986 Earl Muilenburg
    1987 Wayne Brooks 1987 J. L. Cooper
    1988 Larry Phillips 1988 Tommy Fulton
    1989 Ken Essary 1989 Tilly Evans
    1990 Denny Felker 1990 Bobby Lane
    1991 Denny Felker 1991 Chuck Bumgarner
    1992 Denny Felker 1992 Ken McCarty
    1993 Rex McCroskey 1993 Eddie Martin
    1994 Joe Conway 1994 Johnny Bone, Jr.
    1995 Terry Phillips 1995 Larry Cotton
    1996 Leslie Essary 1996 Chris Belt
    1997 Leslie Essary 1997 James Snow
    1998 Al Purkey 1998 Shawn Pinkerton
    1999 Raymond Merrill 1999 David Snow
    2000 Ken Essary 2000 Harold Wilburn, Jr.
    2001 Billy Moyer 2001 Eddie Martin
    2002 Steve Rushin 2002 Johnny Bone, Jr.
    2003 Raymond Merrill 2003 Tim Adams
    2004 Justin Wells 2004 Johnny Bone, Jr.
    2005 Jarod Hilton 2005 Lonnie Robins
    2006 Chad Smith 2006 Chad Wheeler
    2007 Kevin Patrick 2007 Jesse Stovall
    2008 Rick Wallis 2008 Jason Hughes
    2009 Leslie Essary 2009 Johnny Bone, Jr.
    2010 Justin Wells 2010 Brandon Henry
    2011 Chad Wheeler 2011 Brian Williams
    2012 Justin Wells Brandon Hunter 2012 Jeremy Rasmussen
    2013 ??? 2013 ???


  • Class Clarification for the 34th Annual Spooker

    Due to some area rules changes concerning classifications and to clear up some confusion, the following information has been published for clarification:
    If you are planning on running the Factory Stock class at the Spooker, area track rules apply but must remain along the same lines as TSS published rules. ie: 108" wheel base minimum, NO BERTS OR BRINNS, 360 ci LIMIT,NO ROLLER CAMS, GAS ONLY, NO METHANOL, SHOCKS MUST BE IN STOCK LOCATION,  NO HEIM END SHOCKS, etc.
    Any car that is above these rules (examples) please refer to the published rules of the Super Stock class which may run open motors with no aluminum heads, Berts and Brinns are OK, but you must still comply with the published rules concerning carburetors.
    If you have any further rules questions, please contact Tim at 479.806.4101 after October 11th.

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    34th Annual Spooker Flyer - Front

    For thos who can arrive earlier, the pit gate will open at 3 PM on Thursday the 17th and 2 PM on both Friday the 18th and Saturday the 19th.

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