• 42nd Annual Banquet Photos

    Congratulations to our 2012 Track Champions!


    From left to right, Kaelin Richesin #87 (Front Wheel Drive), Dallas Bourland #48 (Economy Modified), George Martin #15 (USRA Modified), Dylan Davlin #26D (Super Stock), and Kendall Hargrove #112 (Factory Stock)

     Check out the fun had by all in the photo gallery below.  (click to enlarge and use arrow keys to move through photos - contains 56 photos)


  • 2013 Tri-State Speedway Rules Published

    If you are one (or some) of the few (or many) that have been waiting for the 2013 Tri-State Speedway rules to be published... 

    They have now been published!

    You can find them by either hovering over the "Rules" tab above and selecting your choice or by clicking on the "Rules" tab and then clicking on your choice. Either way, once you click on a class link, you can then print each class. 

    If you have any questions, or concerns, please call Tim at 479.806.4101.

    Tri-State Speedway will run, on a weekly basis, Factory Stocks, Super Stocks, Smith Chevrolet B Modifieds, Economy Modifieds and USRA Modifieds.