This Saturday night's racing action will be presented by SYKES Enterprises in Fort Smith, Arkansas and will feature a full night of point racing in all classes plus the Ozark Vintage Racing Association (OVRA.) Plus, FREE rides for kids, after the races, in the OVRA cars!! ALSO, any driver who has not challenged the legendary Tri-State high banks this year will get a FREE pit pass this weekend. 
The Ozark Vintage Racing Association was first founded in 2003 by three guys that wanted to go back in time, and remember the times when one of the founding members dad and mom took him to all the local tracks in the 60's and 70's in northwest Arkansas. Another founding member wanted to go back to the time when his dad was a top competitor at any race track in the area from the time he was born. The third founding member also wanted to get back to a simpler time when he remembered his brother owning some of the fastest cars of the very early 60's. Between these three guys there are countless years of being involved in racing dating back to the 50's when they were hanging on pant legs and breathing in the smells of burnt gear oil and gasoline or just playing in the dirt. Now after all these years of racing and between all three they have all carried on the family tradition of driving, owning and building some of the fastest cars in northwest Arkansas.
After taking a few years off, the guy’s paths have crossed again and the decision was made to bring OVRA back, after more response than ever and always being asked why did it stop. OVRA will promise to strive to always have the most professional run events and fun possible, which is what it is all about ... Fun. And don’t forget ... "Git’n Dirty Ol' School Style." Make sure to visit their website at
These guys will race several races against each other throughout the night's events AND give FREE rides to the kids after the race program!
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Racing is scheduled to start at 7 PM with regular grandstand pricing of $8 for adults, $2 for kids, and FREE for any veteran or active duty military member.

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