• Front & Rear Bumpers: Front & Rear bumpers cannot extend any further than OEM. No excessive bumpers or extensions. NONE!!!!
  • SPOILERS: Add on Spoilers OK. No more than 8"
  • BODY CUTS:The inside of the doors, outer fender wells, hole in hood for air cleaner. OK- Dash may be removed and roof ribbing are all acceptable - Front fire wall must remain in stock location. Fuel cell must be covered & firewall between driver & fuel cell mandatory. Fuel cell must be secured with 2 straps.
  • FRAME: Uni-Frame can be connected together but cannot be replaced by tubing or pipe. Uni-Frame cars will not add any bars or device that can be used as a frame. Front Firewall must be OEM as factory built - NO racing chassis - Stock front suspension as factory produced OEM only - No interchanging of steering or suspension.
  • ROLL BARS: 4 Point roll cage mandatory with good quality material and welding - 4 Driver side bars & at least 3 passenger sidebars. Must have outside doorplate. Same as Modified rules. Note-All roll bars within drivers reach must be padded with padding acceptable to TSS Officials. (BUILD IT SAFE)
  • SHOCKS: Heim end shocks. OK. No add on helper springs - No weight jacks or adjusting devices - Only one shock per wheel. Torque arm OK-must be mounted solid at both ends
  • WEIGHT RULE: 2400 LB. with driver after the race on TSS scales. Add on weights OK. Lead Only. Must be painted white with car number on it. $50 fine if lead weight is lost on track premises. $50 fine goes to Drivers Point fund.
  • STEERING: No Modification. Steering must remain OEM - Steering Quickeners. OK. Steel shaft O.K.
  • BRAKES:Must have OEM Brakes. All four must be working - Neal type pedals allowed . Disc Brakes on rear allowed - Adjustments to brake System. OK. Master Cylinder - Dual Master Cylinders. OK.
  • REAR ENDS: Stock only - No racing rear ends - Locking is acceptable - Interchanging of rear ends allowed - Narrowing of rear ends, OK. -OEM Type only - No Aluminum parts on rear end.
  • DRIVE LINE: Painted White with car number painted on it - Must have safety hoop. No Chains!!
  • WHEELS: Maximum 8" steel - Bead locks OK. No adapters
  • TIRES:Must have DOT Street legal only. Grooving OK - Radial tires only - No Street Racing Tires. - No Recaps. I.M.C.A. Modified Hoosier Tire G60 American Racer tire. Hoosier F53-F75-970-880 Asphalt only. 8" stamped tires. South West Speed Tires OK.
  • NERF BARS: May run nerf bars not to exceed 1" - Must be mounted against body line - Side nerf Bars - Rear side nerf bars - Must fit against body panels.
  • ENGINE: 2500CC max cubic inch, stock intake, no roller cams and NO roller rockers. - No Ford & No Chevrolet Aluminum Heads - Cast Iron Only - Carburetor - (1) 500 C.F.M. Maximum. No Aftermarket blocks or aftermarket heads in the Mini Stock Class. Ford Motors ( Example: No Esslinger heads or blocks). All Mini Stock race cars must have OEM heads & blocks for each make of car. Engine must be in front of original firewall.
  • ENGINE & TRANSMISSION:must be OEM. match together - Does not have to match body or car - Example: Ford Motor and Transmission can be put in a Chevrolet Car - Must be installed in front of original OEM Fire Wall. Must have 1" hole in housing for flywheel inspection.
  • COOLING: No water cool down tanks allowed.
  • STARTER: Must be working, No direct drive. - No hubs or couplers.
  • CLUTCH: Must have OEM Clutch & Pressure Plate. No lightweight clutch assemblies. None! No Mini Clutches All Cars must start on their own power. Aluminum Flywheels. OK
  • TRANSMISSION: No racing Transmission of any kind - Must be OEM. type that bolts directly to OEM type motor - GM to GM, FORD to FORD, Stock type only.
  • FIRE EXTINGUISHER: All cars MUST have one mounted inside - Dry type only.
  • FUEL: Gasoline only - No Alcohol - No electric fuel pumps - No belt driven pumps - Must be motor driven OEM type or style fuel pump only - Fuel Pump must be mounted on motor the same way the car came out from the factory. MUST HAVE FUEL CELL - MANDATORY!!!!!
  • EXHAUST: Headers Optional - Must be in chassis type. Absolutely no exhaust pointing upward.
  • MOTOR CLAIM: $2000 Two Thousand Dollars on any Mini Stock Motor long block & head. Less Carburetor- Intake - Headers - Distributor - Spark Plugs & Wires.
  • Motor Claim only for any Mini Stock car that wins 6 A Features. Claim can only be made by a Mini Stock driver that is a 2012 paid registered driver and has to be in the same A Feature. CASH only. Failure to sell motor results in loss of all points for the season. Top 4 go to Scales following all races.
  • $150 Protest Fee. Cash only. Only driver can protest. $50 of Protest will go into the Drivers Point Fund. A Driver that protests must be a paid registered driver for 2012.
  • SEAT & SEAT BELTS: Five-point safety harness. Helmet - Snell 90 or SA 95 rating or better recommended - No Motorcycle helmets. All Cars must have an aluminum-racing seat and must be fastened to roll cage. Not bolted to the floorboard - Driver must remain to the left of the driveline and in front. Racing seat must be mounted so that when driver is fully buckled in place, the back upper shoulder portion of his body must not extend past original front openings rear edge. No factory type shoulder belts or straps can be used. Metal to metal buckles are required on shoulder & seat belts and recommended not to be more than one year old.
  • Window Nets, Neck Braces & Fire Suits: All are required. Must have one to race at TSS.
  • CAR NUMBERS: Car Number must be clearly marked 24" height & 3-stripe width. NO duct tape numbers. Must be different color than racecar. If the scorers can't read it from the tower, you will not be scored for that night. Make your cars look good.
  • Track official may check car & engines anytime.
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