July 27th, 2012 -14th Annual Super Stock Showdown Races (Night #2) presented by Shamrock Bolt & Screw and Rick's Used Auto Parts & Sales

Economy Modified:
76S Billy Smith
8 Dalton McKenzie
7 Lonny Flanagan
X-15 H Palmer
18K Kyle McAllister
17 Ryan Williams
6M Jeff Metcalf
999 Shawn Pinkerton
00 Dalton Pulliam
76 Bobby Prewett
99 Victor Pinkerton
48 Dallas Bourland
10J Chris Nooner
21P Randy Payne
14 Anthony Ludwig

Front Wheel Drive
010 Miranda Richesin
87 Kaelin Richesin
73JR Josh Jones
919 James Poe
3 Billy Dyer
53D Alex Draper
48 Aaron Dyer
4 Bobby Jones
37 Cameron Mott

Line-ups for the Super Stock Showdown

Locked in cars for the A Feature:

10X Aaron Carr   8H Brandon Henry
26F Cole Farmer   7X Mikey Bell
28 Burl Woods   L7 Ray Phipps
6 7/8 Sundance Keepper   5 Heath Philpot

Super Stock B Feature 1
12E Eric Beshoner   26D Dylan Davlin
7D Jake Davis   97 Ty Evans
64 Ricky Smith   17 Neil Johnston
116 Roy Roberts   11 Derek Brown
T12 Brent New   G1 Tony Anglin
63 Joe Pulliam   44 Chris Nicholson
53S Jess Sims   60 Chuck Knight
20T Taylor Carr   43N Tommy New
B Feature 2
11X Ritchie Tosh   10-4 Chance Asher
47 Randy Russell   33R Matt Russell
1 Tim Brown   KEG1 Jeremy Russell
26 Gean Davlin   7 Joe Payne
47C Colton Miesner   20 Todd Blankenship
94 Stanley Floyd   25 Jim Philpot
P76 Bobby Prewett   17T Jeremy Tharp
14J TJ Moore      

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