All drivers will be required to register with Tri-State Speedway to be eligible to receive points and/or pay for regular nights and/or special events, excluding touring series that handle their own points and/or payouts.


  1. No factory type shoulder belts or straps can be used. Racing belts are required on shoulders and seat ( 5 point harness racing belts) and are not to show any worn or fraying of any kind. Remember this is SAFETY!! You will get one (1) warning on seat belts. Before you are eligible to race in another PSRA event you will be required to fix/replace them with safer seat belts.
  2. Snell 90, SA 95 or better helmet recommended.
  3. Window nets, neck braces & fire suits are mandatory. Arm restraints are OK, but you must still use a driver’s side window net. (No Sprint type window nets allowed)
  4. Fire proof gloves and shoes are required.


  1. Any American OEM full body rear wheel drive passenger car. 1955 or newer, full frame or unibody car. Frame must match body and body must be OEM mounts in stock location.
  2. 2. Small trucks (Ford Ranger, Chevy S10, Dodge Dakota etc.) are allowed with the following restrictions. NO large size trucks. Trucks must meet minimum weight rule and follow the same safety rules. Engines must match make/model of truck. If stock engine exceeds the engine rules listed below, you may change to an engine that meets the rules. All suspension components must remain stock with the exception of lowering the frame and any allowed change as listed in these rules. Bed may be covered but must retain stock floor. Fuel cell may be located in the bed area. Engine rule for car wheelbase will also apply to engine rule per wheelbase of the small truck.
  3. Wheel base must match car, with no difference in length from side to side.
  4. Frame must remain unaltered. Frames may be “X” braced. If rear frame rails are rusted or bent and need repaired you may cut the frame at a point no farther forward than the vertical centerline of the rear-end housing and replace them with 2”x 3” .095 rectangular tubing minimum.
  5. Factory floor pan must remain unaltered, unmoved. Plain and simple don’t alter it!
  6. Camaros and Firebirds allowed. Strut cars allowed. Uni-body cars may tie frames together. (See motor rule for any car with less than 102” wheelbase)
  7. Trailing arms must match car and remain unaltered.
  8. Front shocks must be inside of coil springs.
  9. May not alter spring buckets, must remain stock.


  1. Main cage must consist of continuous hoops 1.75” O.D. tubing, with a wall thickness of at least .095” low carbon or mild steel.
  2. Four post roll cage required, front down bars & rear hoop must be welded to OEM frame. Driver’s head must not protrude outside roll cage with helmet on.
  3. Rear hoop must have “X” brace. Front down bars must be tied together.
  4. All door bars and uprights must be min 1.75” x .095” wall thickness.
  5. Minimum of three door bars on both sides, parallel to ground, & perpendicular to driver. Minimum of four (4) uprights tied from front to top door bar on driver side and minimum of three (3) uprights on passenger side.
  6. Driver’s side 18 gauge thick door plate is mandatory. Steel only. Can be a single plate or welded in between the roll cage bars, but must be welded on all four sides. No tack or spot welding allowed on door plate.
  7. A ¼ inch thick steel plate mounted under driver’s seat is highly recommended.


  1. All bodies must be OEM in OEM location & match body.
  2. NO rear spoilers allowed. (If it came out factory take it off)
  3. Hole in hood OK – hood scoops OK.
  4. Lower side skirting OK. Remember that if it falls of your car while racing you will be charged for the flag and flag rule will apply.
  5. Body: From the top of edge of the body down may be replaced with Steel Sheet Metal. However. IT MUST BE STOCK APPEARING! In other words you can replace your fenders with steel sheet metal. IT MUST BE STEEL, NO ALUMINUM!


  1. Minimum of three (3) windshield bars in from of driver.
  2. Aluminum high back racing seat only, bolted to cage. Seat may be no further back than front edge of B-pillar.
  3. All holes in floor board and fire walls must be covered with sheet metal. No other interior covers allowed. Boxing of the interior is OK. HOWEVER, you must have an inspection door on the passenger’s side and you will be required to have an additional 50 pounds of weight.


  1. All components and mounts must be steel, unaltered OEM, in OEM location and match frame.
  2. OEM rubber A-frame bushing only.


  1. All components must be steel unaltered OEM, in OEM location and match frame.
  2. OEM steering column may be replaced with steel steering shafts (collapsible steering shaft recommended) with knuckles only.
  3. No steering quickener’s. No remote power steering reservoirs.
  4. Steering wheel and quick release may be aluminum.


  1. One (1) OEM or OEM replacement shock per wheel. Stock replacement racing shock are OK. No heim-end!
  2. All four (4) shocks must be in stock location and stock mountings. No alterations!!


  1. One steel spring only in OEM stock location.
  2. NO adjustable shackles.
  3. May run racing springs.


  1. All components and mounts must be steel, unaltered, OEM, in OEM location and match frame.
  2. OEM rubber control arm bushing only.
  3. No independent rear suspension allowed.
  4. No pan hard bars, spring rubbers, chains or cables allowed.
  5. If using a 9” inch Ford rear-end, all mounts on rear-end must be level left to right. OEM rear-end mounts must be level left to right, uppers and lowers. Mounts cannot be more than 2 ½” to the center of bolt from top of housing. Lower control arm mounts cannot be lower than 3” to the center of the bolt to the bottom of the axle tube.


  1. Must be OEM for that car, GM-to-GM and Ford to Ford with the exception below. Must run OEM axles.
  2. Must weld spider gears or may run mini spool. No torque dividing or limited slip differentials allowed. No aluminum spools allowed. NO FULL SPOOLS.
  3. 9 inch Ford rear ends allowed.
  5. Gears may be locked.


  1. Bumpers must be approved OEM in OEM location. May have tube bumpers as long as they fit the car to OEM type bumpers.
  2. Bumpers must be capped on the ends, with NO sharp edges.


  1. 8” Hoosier asphalt pull offs only. 880 or 970 only.
  2. 8 inch wheels only. Bead lock allowed on RIGHT REAR TIRE ONLY!!
  3. Wheel spacers allowed. No adapters allowed.
  4. One-inch OD lug nuts mandatory on all four (4) wheels.
  5. No bleeder valves.
  6. Grooving OK.


  1. Steel, unaltered OEM or unaltered OEM replacement, operative on all 4 wheels. Master cylinder must be OEM location.
  2. Disc brakes are OK. If all 4 are disc brakes must be exact same size.
  3. No antilock brake systems. No aftermarket brake pedal assemblies, brake shut-off, or bias adjusters allowed.
  4. Steel brake lines only. May drill flanges and rotors to take larger wheel studs.


  1. OEM cast iron manifolds only. No ram horn type exhaust, no LT1 allowed. No headers. NO AFTERMARKET MANIFOLDS.
  2. Must run exhaust pipes. Exhaust pipe MUST extend past the driver’s seat.
  3. Exhaust must be under car type and must be secured properly.


  1. Must run OEM mechanical push rod fuel pump only.
  2. Carburetors: 2 bbl Holley 4412 part # 04412 ONLY. Must be stock and pass a go no-go gauge, No down leg boosters, no altering of booster cluster, Throttle shaft must remain stock and must not be thinned or cut in any manner. Stock throttle plates and screws, must not be thinned, cut or tapered. Maximum throttle bore 1 11/16 and maximum venturi bore 1 3/8. No modification of carburetor. No boring or polishing of throttle or venturi bore allowed. No Performance Carburetors. MUST USE CARBURETOR ADAPTER Mr. Gasket part # 1933 or # 1929.
  3. Must run fuel cell, with metal container enclosure. 22 gallon maximum.
  4. Pump gas or racing fuel – No alcohol.


  1. 3200 lbs. with driver after the race. 3250 lbs. with driver after the race if interior is boxed in on TRACK SCALES.
  2. Bolt on weight is OK. All weight MUST be painted white with car # on it. Any weight added to the car heavier than 25 pounds must be attached by 2 ½” bolts. No weight added high on roll cage or in cockpit of the car.
  3. No lightening of car by any means allowed except the removal of unneeded sheet metal and under hood equipment.


  1. One 12-volt car battery only.
  2. Must be mounted in approved battery box.
  3. Must run OEM type distributor.


  1. Coolers must be mounted in front of radiator.
  2. All forward and reverse gears must be operational.
  3. Transmissions:
    1. Manual: Must be unaltered OEM 3 or 4 speeds, with minimum 10.5” clutch.
      • Hydraulic clutch release bearings are OK.
      • Steel unaltered flywheel only with minimum weight of 18 lbs and stock type pressure plate. NO altering    The stock flywheels purchased for example at O’Reilly’s Auto Parts are 18.2 lbs. THE FLYWHEEL WILL BE WEIGHED A LONE!
    2. Automatic: Must be unaltered OEM, with unaltered pump.
      • Must be in original bell housing, with minimum 10” torque converter and converter must hold minimum of three (3) quarts of fluid.
      • Must have shield around outside of converter housing. Flex plate must be full, unaltered OEM, or OEM      
  1. Drive shaft MUST BE PAINTED WHITE with car # on it and must have a safety chain or driveshaft loop.
  2. Must have blow-proof bell housing.


  1. Engine must be OEM location using OEM mounting holes for V8 motor mounts. Motor mounts must be OEM stock.
  2. Cross member must remain stock and unaltered in the stock location.


  1. If running a 101” wheel base car, it must run a bone stock 305 from the carb to the oil pan. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  4. Stroke must match block. NO 400 or larger cubic inch parts allowed.
  5. Maximum 361 c.i. for GMs, 363 c.i. for Fords & 370 c.i. for Mopars.
  6. Must use OEM or OEM like pistons. Flat top pistons only.
  7. Stroke 3.48” for GMs and 3.5” for Fords & Mopars – Rod 5.75” GM, Ford & Mopar.
  8. PSRA approved OEM GM cylinder head. No Vortec head. No Ford after-market SVO heads. No Mopar after- market W-2 heads. 360 heads only. No aftermarket heads allowed. NONE.
  9. No 305 heads allowed on GM 350. 305 heads can only be on a 305 GM block.
  10. No headwork can be done on the heads. Only machine shop work will be flat milled only. No angle milling. No cutting heads for larger springs, valve guides or bosses.
  11. 1.94 intake valve 1.50 exhaust valve. Must have four (4) valve reliefs.
  12. Open chamber heads only. Must pass 76 c.c. test. No close chamber heads allowed. NONE.
  13. No roller rocker arms. No roller tip rocker arms. Must use stock rocker ratio of 1.5” for GM. May use screw in studs.
  14. Cannot machine block, other than flat surface deck height. Piston cannot be higher than block. No zero piston deck height allowed.
  15. Intake must have unaltered OEM 4-barrel cast iron Quadra jet manifold. No aluminum hi-rise, marine, or Vortec intakes. No porting polishing or alterations of any kind to head and/or intake.
  16. Aluminum water pump and crankshaft pulleys are OK.
  17. Camshaft lift not to exceed .450” at the valve on intake/exhaust. No tolerance. This is basically a stock profile camshaft. No special grinds are allowed. Hydraulic only. OEM ONLY. No bleed down lifters.
  18. Must pull 16” of vacuum at 1000 RPM after race.
  19. Must have an inspection hole on the oil pan. If not, you may be asked to drop the oil pan for tech purposes.
  20. Must run STOCK OEM crank and rods. (refer to rule #7 for more specifications).

Any Car/Driver that wins 4 Feature Main Events could be subject to remove a head for inspection.


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