This division of cars must be strictly STOCK. No modifications to chassis or body. Street OEM only. A Front Wheel Driver cannot compete in any other class except the Front Wheel Drive class only. No Modified, Factory Stock, Mini Stock, E-Mod or Super Stock driver can compete in Front Wheel class.

  1. No Turbos allowed. Stock OEM motors only. All cars must have 2" exhaust or smaller. No computer chips.
  2. No "All wheel drive" cars allowed.
  3. BODIES: Any factory OEM Front Wheel Drive production car- 4 cylinder motors-V/6 motors. No convertibles. Front Wheel Drive cars must be a complete body and frames as OEM. Street legal for highway driving. Complete car must be bumper to bumper as OEM factory produced.
  4. FRONT &amp REAR BUMPERS: Must fit under original bumper covers. No bumpers extended out other than OEM. No side nerf bars allowed.
  5. ALL DOORS must be bolted or welded shut. All glass, chrome, plastic and upholstery must be removed and nothing left in car that could be a fire hazard.
  6. RACING SEATS AND BELTS: All cars must have an aluminum racing seat and be bolted to roll cage, they are not to be bolted to floorboard. Five-Point safety belts are Mandatory. Helmet-Snell 90 or SA 95 rating or better.
  8. BUMPERS: Front and rear may be braced.
  9. STEERING: Quick-release steering wheel allowed.
  10. CAR CLAIM: Anyone that wins 5 "A Feature" races at anytime through out the 2012 racing season can be claimed for $1500.00 cash only by anyone at the race track! This includes fans in grandstands and anybody in the pit area. Car has to be sold as is complete car. Nothing can be taken off or out of car. Failure to accept claim will forfeit all money and points for the night. Car cannot be raced at Tri-State Speedway for remainder of the 2012 season unless a fine of $300 be paid to the 2012 driver point fund. In case there are multiple claims, claimants will draw for the winning bid.
  11. FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: All cars must have a working fire extinguisher mounted inside car. Dry-type only.
  12. ROLL CAGE: Must have a 4 point cage with an X brace behind the driver. Must have driver side bar or bars around the driver-left and right side. All bars must be welded to complete roll cage. Must have 4 protect bars in front of driver. Must have doorplate on driver side. Build this to be SAFE!
  13. FUEL: Gasoline only. Must have OFF & ON switch for electric fuel pump in easy reach of driver.
  14. No motor claim.
  15. No weight limit. No weight rule.
  16. WHEELS AND TIRES: Must have OEM wheels and tires. No racing wheels and tires. Front left and front right tires must be same size. Rear left and rear right tires must be the same size. All 4 wheels must be same size. Each tire must gauge 20 lbs. of air pressure following race.
  17. CAR NUMBER: Car number must be clearly marked and be 24" tall. No "duct tape" numbers! Numbers must be a different color than the car and must be clean and clearly visible from a distance. If the scorers can't clearly see your number then you won't be scored for the night.

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