The legendary Tri-State Speedway, as it begins its 44th consecutive year of racing in 2014, will once again be sanctioned by the United States Racing Association ( for its "A" and "B" Modified classes.

ANY driver that race either of these two classes with us, at any time, in 2014 MUST have one of these forms filled out and on file with the USRA and with Tri-State Speedway. This registration is in addition to the required Tri-State Speedway registration fee of $25.

It is $120 for the "A" Modifieds and $90 for the "B" Modifieds for an entire year's license. This money goes to the USRA and is not part of your $25 Tri-State Speedway license. If one wishes, they can buy a temporary license (good for one event) for $10 with Tri-State Speedway. However, a temporary license will greatly restrict you on the amount of national funds that you may earn at year's end.

We are providing this link to you so you can take care of this in advance and not have to worry about filling out this form on race day. Upon submission to USRA, you will receive a 2014 membership card with your license number. When you bring your card with you, it will greatly speed  up your registration process at any USRA track. You can submit your payment directly to USRA with this form and/or give them credit/debit card authorization, or you can bring this form completed in full to us at Tri-State Speedway and we will collect your payment and forward it to USRA. (USRA provides us, on a weekly basis, a list of who has paid their yearly license. If you are not on their official list, you will be required to purchase a license with Tri-State Speedway in order to compete in that night's activities.)

Please click here to get your 2014 USRA "A" or "B" Modified license.

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