2021 Enduro Rules


  1. The race will begin with all cars stopped on the track with a maximum of 100 cars starting.
  2. Cars must hold their position until green flag is dropped.
  3. The first car to complete 100 laps or the leader after 2 hours is the winner. If only one car is left moving, the race will end at that time.
  4. There will be no cautions flags. The red flag will be displayed if the track is blocked and racing cannot continue or if a racer is in danger (fire, roll-over etc.) Cars must come to a stop immediately if a red flag is issued. Cars moving under a red flag will receive a 5 lap penalty.
  5. If your car is slowing down due to failure, do not stay on the track. Exit the track at any of the track openings on the back straight outside wall entering Turn 3, on the inside wall on the back straight entering Turn 3, inside wall exiting Turn 4 or on the inside wall entering Turn 1. Stopping on the track while in your vehicle is extremely dangerous to you and other drivers.
  6. Drivers MUST supply one (1) person for scoring. The track will not score your car for you.
  7. Drivers are not required to have any racing experience but must be at least 14 years of age with parental waiver if under the age of 18.
  8. One passenger maximum is allowed. Passenger must have same protection as driver, such as bars in front of them, door safety in place and so on.
  9. The race will run in the normal counter-clockwise direction.


  1. Absolutely NO race cars permitted. This includes previous race cars. Only stock vehicles that have never been raced or previous Enduro cars, that fit these rules, are allowed. Vehicles must be stock appearing. Wings are OK. Any vehicle decorations are encouraged, but must be securely and safely attached to the vehicle. Small, decorative  LED-type lights are OK, but must not be too bright or affect another competitors vision.
    1a.     Front wheel drive race cars ONLY, that have competed in a Front Wheel Drive AND are completely stock will be allowed to compete. These cars MUST BE stock with no modifications other than a roll cage, if used. All vehicles will be teched thoroughly for any non-stock parts or modifications. If you try to cheat, we will find it and you will not be allowed to compete. Don't chance it. If your car is not stock, do not bring it or you will go home without competing.
  2. Any 1960 or newer car. No pick-ups larger than S-10 size. No four wheel drives, jeep type, or SUV vehicles allowed.
  3. 2. 3, 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engines are allowed.
  4. Minimum stock wheel base:  88 inches for v6 or 2, 3, or 4 cylinder.
  5. Roll cage is optional but recommended. Roll cage may not extend into engine compartment.
  6. Gutting of factory interior panels only allowed for roll cage clearance. EXAMPLE: you may remove the inner door bracing if you are replacing it with door bars.
  7. All doors must be welded or bolted shut.
  8. Remove all chrome molding, glass, including head lights, mirrors & windshield. Tail lights and door handles may be removed.
  9. A minimum of 3 vertical steel bars, minimum 1/4" diameter, or screens must be used in front of driver and/or passenger.
  10. All flammable material such as floor mats/carpet, head liners, rear seats, plastic, wiring etc. may be removed. Optional but recommended: The rear seat shelf may be left in place as a fire stop. Any openings to the trunk area must be enclosed if aftermarket fuel cell is mounted in trunk.
  11. Complete bumper to bumper steel uni-body must be retained. No lightening permitted.
  12. The stock steel unaltered floor pan, firewalls and trunk must be retained.
  13. Cars must retain their strictly stock appearance, no cutting, chopping, channeling or shortening allowed. Hoods and truck lids must be kept in place at all times.
  14. Window nets or wire mesh are recommended.
  15. Front inner fenders may be removed, rear inner fenders must remain intact. Wheel wells may be trimmed for tire clearance only.
  16. No added weight allowed. No spare tire, spare battery, spare parts, water bottles, jacks or tools allowed in the vehicle


  1. Suspension parts must remain absolutely stock for that make and model car. No spacers, lumber or chains etc. may be used to alter stock suspension of the vehicle.
  2. Springs must be OEM. No overload shocks with coil over springs. One spring and shock in original mount only.
  3. Stock wheels only. No racing wheels or offset wheels or bead locks permitted. Tires must pass through a 9″ hoop at the bulge. No truck tires, no mud tires, no studded tires. All season radials and retread OK.


  1. The engines must be strictly stock for that model and make and in its original mounts. No aftermarket external oil coolers allowed.
  2. A/C and heat components and smog components may be removed.
  3. Air cleaner to oil pan must all be factory equipment for that vehicle!!
  4. Minimum of 16 lbs of vacuum at 1000 RPM.
  5. Radiator may be replaced with after-market unit.


  1. Stock transmission and rear end only.
  2. No locked rears unless equipped from factory in that make and model. The same rule applies to front wheel drives - no locked transaxles.


  1. Fuel cells permitted, and may be placed in the trunk area if securely fastened. Stock tanks must remain in original location and must have two metal holding straps.
  2. Batteries may be relocated but must be contained in a marine container or comparable container securely fastened.
  3. Any loss of wheel or tire requires your immediate leaving of track. Continuing on a flat tire is not permitted.
  4. Approved helmet required and fire suit is highly recommended. No short sleeves or shorts allowed and boots are recommended.
  5. No rough driving allowed. You could be disqualified.
  6. Do not stop your car on the track, unless it is on fire. There are exits at both ends of the front straight and on the back straight to the inside pits. There is also an exit off the back straight to the top pits
  7. If you are going to the pits to change a flat, DO NOT SPEED in the pit areas or you could be disqualified.
  8. Any driver climbing out of a car while on the track during green flag will be disqualified. NO exception!!


  1. All starting position numbers will be assigned by random pill draw.  Registration will take place the day of the event or online on the Tri-State Speeday website.  Cars must bring spray paint or highly visible duct tape to add number to BOTH SIDES of the car at the track. Your car number is the number of your starting position that you draw.


  1. As in ALL events at Tri-State Speedway, there will be NO alcoholic beverages allowed in the pits!!!!!!! Automatic disqualification and removal from the pits will result from any violation of this rule.