2015 Factory Stock Rules

Saturday, 06 December 2014 17:58


1.       All glass, chrome and flammable material must be removed.  Dash may be removed.

2.       Front and rear firewall must remain in stock location and must be completely closed off from trunk area and engine compartment.

3.       Roll bar padding required in driver compartment; Snell –rated SA-2000, SA-2005 or Q5 or SA 2010 helmet recommended.

4.       SFI approved full fire suit required, fire retardant gloves, shoes and neck brace required.

5.       Driver side window net required.

6.       Kill switch required within easy reach of driver and must be clearly marked OFF and ON.

7.       Racing fuel cell mandatory with a can.  Must be secured in the trunk area.

8.       Must have aluminum racing seat with Five-Point safety harness.  Must be welded to roll cage.

9.       Must have either a 16 or 18 gauge thick steel plate welded beneath the driver’s seat that is large enough to prevent injury to the driver.

10.   Each car must have tow hooks or chains on front and rear of car.

11.   Must carry working fire extinguisher in car within reach of driver.




1.       Any American-made, full-body, rear-wheel drive passenger car or pick-up.  Must be full frame or uni-body with factory steel body.  Body must be stock APPEARING.

2.       Must be 108” wheelbase minimum +/- 1” with both sides the same.

3.       Ford and Chrysler products OK with NO fifth arm.  NO fifth arm allowed period.

4.       Uni-body cars must tie front frame to the rear frame.  Single Tube only.

5.       NO independent or air bag suspension.

6.       Must have stock unaltered floor pan and firewall front and rear.

7.       Body must remain completely stock, except to cut out fenders for tire clearance.

8.       Enclosed interiors are OK. Must have a 10” x 10” inspection panel.

9.       No aluminum bodies. Aluminum door & Quarters skins OK. Must be OEM OR Factory  appearing.

10.   Must look stock.  Removing plastic inner fender OK on front ONLY.  Hood scoop allowed, FACTORY ONLY.

11.   Driver seat may be no further back than rear edge of B-Pillar. NO MIRRORS.

12.   4” rear spoiler OK. Spoiler braces cannot be higher than the spoiler.  May have up to three (3) braces and all braces must be the same.  Rear spoiler may not exceed the width of the rear deck lid.

13.   Aftermarket stock replacement noses are OK. NO dirt style allowed.  Must enclose the rear of the car.

14.   All factory stocks must weigh at least 3200 lbs. after race, with driver.




1.       Roll cage must consist of continuous hoops.  Minimum 1.75” OD tubing with .095” wall thickness.  Minimum of 6-point roll cage required.  Must be used with front down bars and rear hoop welded on OEM frame.  Cars already built with 1.5” OD tubing .095 will be grandfathered in.

2.       Minimum three door bars on both sides.  At least 1.5” OD tubing with .095” wall thickness with minimum of four uprights tied from frame to top door bar on driver’s side.  Driver’s side must have 16 or 18 gauge steel door plate welded to door bars.




1.       Frame must remain stock from center of front axle to center of rear axle.  NO underslung chassis.

2.       Must be original suspension for that model of car. SUSPENSION MUST REMAIN COMPLETELY STOCK.

3.       No aftermarket parts allowed except where noted.

4.       Steering quickeners allowed.

5.       No weight jacks allowed.

6.       Hidden adjustable spaces allowed.

7.       Racing springs are allowed.  Max 13” springs.

8.       Spring bucket in rear allowed, but must be in stock location.

9.       Racing shocks allowed in stock location.

10.   No Heim-end shocks. NO adjustable shocks.

11.   Shackles OK.

12.   Lowering blocks OK, NO adjustable lowering blocks.

13.   Lower trailing arms may not be mounted lower than 2 1/2” below housing to center of bolt.

14.   Lower trailing arms must be equal height.  Trailing arm must be stock length.

15.   Upper trailing arms and mounts must be in stock location.




1.       Maximum cubic inch:

a)      GM 360 c.i. (350 block with 3.48”stroke)

b)      FORD 361 c.i. (351W block with 3.50” stroke)

c)       MOPAR 370 c.i. (360 block 3.58” stroke)

2.       NO high-performance equipment. NO strokers.

3.       Stock intake manifold. Edlebrock #2101 for GM or Edlelbrock #2121 or #2181 for FORD is OK.

4.       Flat or dish pistons only.  No dome pistons, NO gas-ported pistons.

5.       OEM or OEM STOCK appearing crank and rods allowed.  Cannot be lightened. NO aero-wing, bull nose, knife edge, or undercut allowed.  Minimum weight for crankshaft is 50 lbs.

6.       Cylinder heads: Steel only, Must be unaltered.

a)      Maximum compression per cylinder is 175 lbs. NO EXCEPTIONS.

b)      Approved OEM and minimum 76 cc combustion chamber.

c)       Only GM APPROVED HEAD NUMBERS ARE:       14079267, 3986336, 3986339, 3986339x, 3986388, 3932441, 376445, 3928454, 3932454, 3876487, 3973487, 3973487X, 3973493, 3951598, 468642, 330862, 333882, 3998920, 3998991, 3998993, 3998997, 3970126.  Maximum size valves on these heads are 2.02 inch intake and 1.60 inch exhaust.

d)  May use Engine Quest (EQ) stock replacement (SR) cylinder head, part number CH350I.

e)  Head must remain as produced.  Seat angles and valve sizes cannot be changed.  Three angle valve job only.  ABSOLUTELY  NO casting removal in valve pocket of EQ head, for any reason.

f)  FORD – no after-market or SVO heads.

g)  CHRYSLER – no after-market or W-2 heads.

h)  NO porting or polishing or grinding of any kind. NO angle milling, no match porting or intake to heads.

i)  NO titanium valves, springs or retainers. NO bee hive valve springs allowed, stock-type Z-28 valve springs, OK.

j)  GM-1.250 inch maximum OD valve springs.

7.       A minimum 1” plug above the oil level on the left side of the oil pan is MANDITORY and be located 3” from the front of the pan and 1” down from the top.

8.       NO roller cams. No roller lifters. No bleed-down lifters. Hydraulic cams ONLY.  Max valve lift .466 with ZERO valve lash with 1.5 or 1.6 aluminum roller rocker arms with 3/8” stud ONLY.  No stud girdles of ANY kind.  OEM firing order cannot be changed. No shaft mount rocker arms.

9.       Must run 1-5/8 headers only.  No step headers.

10.   Carburetor MUST REMAIN STOCK COMPLETE WITH CHOKE, Horn blade optional.

11.   The following are the only carburetors allowed:

a)      Quadra-Jet carburetor must be box stock.

b)      600 cfm Holley square bore.  Single inlet and must be box stock.

c)       650 cfm Holley 4777 must be box stock.

d)      500 cfm Holley 2 barrel must be box stock.  Maximum 1” adapter plate.

12.   Pump gas or racing fuel only.  NO ALCOHOL. NO ADDITIVES.

13.   Must use OEM-type distributor.  Mechanical timing advance must be in working order.  Vacuum advance optional.

14.   Aluminum radiators OK.

15.   Aluminum water pumps and crank pulley OK.




1.       Must have at least two forward gears and one reverse, plus neutral position.  With motor running and car in still position, must be able to engage car in gear and move forward, then backward. Only OEM production type transmissions allowed – two speed, three speed, four speed and automatic.  No five speed (or More) transmissions, “in and out” boxes, or quick change devices allowed.  Functioning shift levers must be in OEM location.  Flywheel/flexplate must be bolted directly to end of crankshaft, and pressure plate must be bolted directly to flywheel/flexplate.  One flywheel/flexplateonly, and all driveline components within bellhousing must rotate consistent with engine RPM while car is in any gear.  Unaltered flexplate must be full OEM, or OEM replacement.

2.       Manual: Must be OEM or OEM replacement case and have a working 7.25 inch minimum diameter, steel and/or aluminum, single or multi-disc clutch inside explosion-proof steel bellhousing – minimum 270 degrees around top of clutch/flywheel area.

3.       Automatic: Must remain in OEM or OEM replacement case, with a functioning OEM appearing pump.  Aluminum OEM bellhousing may be replaced with aftermarket explosion-proof aluminum bellhousing.  Original OEM bellhousing must have approved scattersheild constructed of minimum 0.125 inch by three inch steel, 270 degrees around flexplate. Manual bump starts allowed.

4.       Drive Shaft:  Minimum two inch diameter steel drive shaft, must be painted white.  Steel slip-yokes only.  360-degree drive shaft loop required and must be constructed of at least 0.25 inch by two inch steel, or one inch tubing, mounted six inches back from the U joint.




1.       Hoosier asphalt take-offs ONLY.  8” tires maximum. 8” maximum steel wheel.  Tires must durometer 50 and will be checked.  NO NEW TIRES.  Hoosier branded tires ONLY.

2.       This rule clarification is effective immediately.

3.       Aftermarket brake and clutch pedals are allowed.  NO adjustment in the cockpit.  May run 4-wheel disc brakes.  All four (4) brakes must work.  No aluminum calipers, no brake shut-offs allowed.  NO brake bias gauges allowed.




1.       May  not be mounted in cockpit or outside of body or hood area.

2.       Must be securely mounted, painted white and clearly marked with the car number.

3.       Must be attached with at least two ½ inch bolts.  May not be attached to rear bumper.




1.       Claim on heads and intake is $500.00 and swap.  Items included with claim are heads and intake manifold only.  Not included with claim are: push rods, rocker arms, valve covers, and any intake manifold accessory.  Both cars must pass all tech before claim stands.

2.       Claim must be turned in to tech official with five (5) minutes of “A” feature completion.

3.       Track may claim at any time.

4.       Claiming driver must finish on the lead lap and finish the race to claim.

5.       Only top four finishers are allowed to be claimed.

6.       Claim made by cash money only and must be turned in at time of claim.

7.       To be eligible to claim, driver must have raced the previous two point races at the track and must have finished on the lead lap the night of the claim.

8.       If a driver refused any claim. (s)he will be suspended for two races from TSS.

9.       Driver will lose all points and money for that night and must pay $300.00 to the track before (s)he races again.




1.       Any driver that wins three races within one racing season will go through an extensive technical inspection, which could include but is not limited to bumper to bumper inspection.  In layman’s terms, if you are cheating we will find it.

2.       No creative interpretation of rules.  If you have any questions, call us before you are disqualified.

3.       All cars racing at TSS must also abide by the General Rules.  Ignorance of the rules is no defense.






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