• 33rd Annual Kegger presented by Fliteline One Source Engines

  • Enduro Series

  • 16th Annual Super Stock Showdown


    B Feature 1   Top 6 Transfer to A
    Row Car # Driver Hometown   Car # Driver Hometown
    1 39 Robert Southerland Sallisaw, OK   X-15 H Palmer Muldrow, OK
    2 64 Dan Leatherman Muskogee, OK   07 Taylor Carr Hector, AR
    3 74 Kent Bright Sand Springs, OK   26 Gean Davlin Shady Point, OK
    4 76 Chance Asher Muldrow, OK   17 Neil Johnston Fort Smith, AR
    5 64L Jason Leatherman Muskogee, OK   57H Freddie Hogrefe  
    6 7X Mikey Bell Quitman, AR   01 Jeremy Huffman Pea Ridge, AR
    7 43N Tommy New Dover, AR   87 Johnny Mitchell Fort Smith, AR
    8 14T Heath Teel Walnut Ridge, AR   19 Kyle Slader Muskogee, OK
    B Feature 2   Top 6 Transfer to A
    Row Car # Driver Hometown   Car # Driver Hometown
    1 9H Kreg Dobson     KEG1 Jeremy Russell Jonesboro, OK
    2 26D Dylan Davlin Shady Point, OK   14J Tj Moore Fort Smith, AR
    3 327 Dale Richardson Muskogee, OK   12 Eric Beshoner Fort Smith, AR
    4 35 John Coats Joplin, MO   38 Jessie Shearin West Plains, MO
    5 1 Grant Davis Muldrow, OK   11X Ray Phipps Pocola, OK
    6 D21 David Davis Walbut Ridge, AR   47 Randy Russell Fort Smith, AR
    7 43X Dennis Schoenfeld Van Buren, AR   75M Randy Moses Muskogee, OK
    8 64M Terry Muskrat Stillwell, OK        
    A Feature      
    Row Car # Driver Hometown   Car # Driver Hometown
    1 1TA Tony Anglin Walnut Ridge, AR   4 Aaron Carr Greers Ferry, AR
    2 32B Barry Daniels Dyersburg, TN   44K Robert Knowles Buffalo Valley, OK
    3 21 Jason Pennington Qulin, MO   43 Scooter Scruggs Hensley, AR
    4 3 Wyatt Hill Finley, TN   26F Cole Farner Gkenwood, AR
    5 60 Chuck Knight Fort Smith, AR   17M Jeff Metcalf Watts, OK

    Click HERE for Tri-State Speedway Super Stock rules!


  • $4,000 to win Battle of the Borders presented by JRT Trucking

    Here is he official flyer for the JRT Trucking "Battle of the Borders" United States Racing Association ( USRA ) $4,000 to win Modified Special on September 4th, 5th & 6th, 2014 at the legendary Tri-State Speedway.
    Don't forget that the OCRS Sprint Cars will also be here on Friday night, September 5th, 2014 for a full show!

    Click here for full size flyer!

    Click the flyer above for a full size version.


    Below is the starting line-ups for Day #3 of the JRT Trucking Battle of the Borders:


    USRA Modified - A Feature
    Row Car Driver   Car Driver
    1 186 Jeremy Payne   21R Jesse Stovall
    2 26 Brian Williams   15 George Martin
    3 X Lonnie Robins   5 Steve Holzkamper
    4 17 Brent Holman   88 Chad Wheeler
    USRA Modified - B Feature 1
    Row Car Driver   Car Driver
    1 57J Feddie Hogrefe   73 Micjey Burrell
    2 1/2 Zane Hunter   127 Andy Morris
    3 11N Gene Nicholas   33X Lance Robins
    4 15L Chris Lewis   27 Dan Morris
    5 9D Kyle Davis   47 Benji Kirkpatrick
    6 57M Robby Hines      
    USRA Modified - B Feature 2
    Row Car Driver   Car Driver
    1 6M Andy Milliken   12 Johnny Bone, Jr.
    2 B57 Darwin Hale   3X Daniel Tarkington
    3 75 Kyle Ledford   8 Jeremy Vaughn
    4 10H Randy Henson   1T Ryan Taylor
    5 88D Matt Dotson   71 Eddie Martin
  • Social Media News

    Most of you already know that you can get your Tri-State Speedwayinformation from our website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even watch some cool videos on YouTube. Some of you may not know all of the different URL's to type in to get to those places or don't want to have to search for us when you go to those sites.
    Now you don't have to remember the different URLS! All you have to remember is:
    That's it! Just type in our web address, add a / then what site you want to visit!
    Easy Peasy!

  • Line ups for Night #3 of the 35th Annual Kegger

    35th Annual Kegger presented by CSi Radiator feature starting line ups are as follows:

    Pure Stock   Qualifying Feature            
    Row Car # Inside Car # Outside
    1 4 Brandon Morris 42J Justin Burt
    2 5-0 Kenton Hughey 47 Jim Atcheson
    3 40 Miranda Carver R2D2 Nathan Reed
    USRA B Mod   Qualifying Feature            
    Row Car # Inside Car # Outside
    1 1XX Chris Hawkins 1/4 Aaron Scoggins
    2 75 Gary Vaughn 01 Bobby Hunter
    Factory Stock   Qualifying Feature            
    Row Car # Inside Car # Outside
    1 1 Jay Anderson D28 Darren Scott
    2 42 Lee Carver 4+4 Jerome Heinrich
    3 55K Neil Kemp 42J Justin Burt
    Super Stock   Qualifying Feature 1            
    Row Car # Inside Car # Outside
    1 26 Gean Davlin 20 Alan Ferguson
    2 40 Tayler Carver 26F Cole Farmer
    3 02 Natthaniel Mason 87 Johnny Mitchell
    Super Stock   Qualifying Feature 2            
    Row Car # Inside Car # Outside
    1 10-4W Billy Wheeler 10-4 Chance Asher
    2 17M Jeff Metcalf 74 Kent Bright
    3 35 John Coats 14J TJ Moore
    USRA A Mod   Qualifying Feature 1            
    Row Car # Inside Car # Outside
    1 27 Dan Morris 17 Brent Holman
    2 15L Chris Lewis 8 Jeremy Vaughn
    3 11N Gene Nicholas 127 Andy Morris
    USRA A Mod   B Feature 2            
    Row Car # Inside Car # Outside
    1 21R Lonnie Robins 26 Brian Williams
    2 12 Johnny Bone, Jr. 10H Randy Henson
    3 2G Patrick Goodnight 2 Daniel Tarkington
    Pure Stock   A Feature            
    Row Car # Inside Car # Outside
    1 19 Dennis Slader 1P Marshall Penson
    2 6 Susan Stand 42 Lee Carver
    USRA B Mod   A Feature            
    Row Car # Inside Car # Outside
    1 48 Dallas Bourland 33 Stephen Muilenburg
    Factory Stock   A Feature            
    Row Car # Inside Car # Outside
    1 83 Michael Brasch 18K Kyle McAllister
    2 35 Travis Vaughn 48 Shelly Carver
    Super Stock   A Feature            
    Row Car # Inside Car # Outside
    1 7K Jack Kirby X15 Harry Palmer
    2 4 Brandon Rowland 75 Randy Moses II
    3 26D Dylan Davlin 17 Neil Johnston
    USRA A Mod   A Feature            
    Row Car # Inside Car # Outside
    1 33X Stephen Muilenburg 15 George Martin
    2 75 Kyle Ledford 10 Brian Parker


  • 2014 Schedule Released

    Tri-State Speedway is pleased to release its 2014 racing schedule.

    This schedule contains the dates of most events, including the annual Kegger, Super Stock Showdown and Spooker dates, as well as other big shows. These shows include the annual Firecracker Spectacular and the return of the Summertime Classic.

    2014 will once again be filled with special events from touring series' including the likes of the Oil Capital Racing Series sprint cars and the Pure Stock Racing Association. Tri-State Speedway will once again host a three race Enduro Series as well as Powder Puff and Mechanic's races and an Old Timer's Race and Demolition Derby.

    Other special events and series' may be added in the coming months and throughout the year.

    You can find, view and print your own schedule by clicking on the Schedule link above or by clicking here.

  • 35th Annual Kegger Flyer

    This is a promotional flyer for the 35th Annual Kegger to be held at Tri-State Speedway on March 21st and 22md, 2014.

  • Dates Announced for 35th Annual Kegger, 16th Annual Super Stock Showdown and 35th Annual Spooker at Tri-State Speedway

    Tri-State Speedway has announced dates for several of its big events for their 44th consecutive year of racing in 2014.

    The annual car show and play day will be held on March 8th with another play day scheduled for March 15th.

    The 35th Annual Kegger will take place on March 21st and 22nd, where five classes of stock and modified cars will take compete for over $28,000 in prize money.

    The 16th Annual Super Stock Showdown will once again be a summer time event on July 24th, 25th and 26th with some of the best Super Stock drivers in the five state area challenging for the $5,000 to win "A" Feature and close to $14,000 in other super stock prize money.

    The 35th Annual Spooker will be October 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th with over $50,000 up for grabs in nine classes of competition. As always, the annual Spooker is not just an event, but a destination.

    Several more big events and big money races are scheduled for the 2014 season and will be announced in the coming days and weeks. We invite everyone to come out and enjoy the best racing on the best racing surface with the best fans!

  • 2014 Class Rules

    All of the class rules for the 2014 season for the Pure Stocks, Factory Stocks, Super Stocks, USRA B Modifieds and USRA A Modifieds are now posted and can be viewed by clicking (or hovering) on the RULES tab above.

    Be sure to stay tuned to us here, on our Facebook page at, our Twitter page at or Rob Nugent's Tri-State Nation at

  • 2014 USRA Modified & B Modified Registration Form

    The legendary Tri-State Speedway, as it begins its 44th consecutive year of racing in 2014, will once again be sanctioned by the United States Racing Association ( for its "A" and "B" Modified classes.

    ANY driver that race either of these two classes with us, at any time, in 2014 MUST have one of these forms filled out and on file with the USRA and with Tri-State Speedway. This registration is in addition to the required Tri-State Speedway registration fee of $25.

    It is $120 for the "A" Modifieds and $90 for the "B" Modifieds for an entire year's license. This money goes to the USRA and is not part of your $25 Tri-State Speedway license. If one wishes, they can buy a temporary license (good for one event) for $10 with Tri-State Speedway. However, a temporary license will greatly restrict you on the amount of national funds that you may earn at year's end.

    We are providing this link to you so you can take care of this in advance and not have to worry about filling out this form on race day. Upon submission to USRA, you will receive a 2014 membership card with your license number. When you bring your card with you, it will greatly speed  up your registration process at any USRA track. You can submit your payment directly to USRA with this form and/or give them credit/debit card authorization, or you can bring this form completed in full to us at Tri-State Speedway and we will collect your payment and forward it to USRA. (USRA provides us, on a weekly basis, a list of who has paid their yearly license. If you are not on their official list, you will be required to purchase a license with Tri-State Speedway in order to compete in that night's activities.)

    Please click here to get your 2014 USRA "A" or "B" Modified license.

  • NIght #3 - POSTPONED

    Night #3 of the 34th Annual Spooker presented by Buddy's Home Furnishings and CSi Radiator HAVE BEEN POSTPONED until Saturday night at 6 PM. Pit gates will open at 1 PM and grandstands will open at 2 PM.


    Due to the large amount of rain received at the track, the remaining night of the 2013 Hillbilly Nationals and Fan Appreciation has been CANCELLED and will not be rescheduled. We invite everyone back to see us starting on Wednesday, October 16th for night #1 of the 34th Aanual Spooker, presented by Buddy's Home Furnishings and CSi Radiator.
  • 2013 Track Shirts

    Here are the designs for the 2013 Tri-State Speedway track shirts!

    They will be available for purchase in the Jr. Fan/Souvenir booth located between the main concession and the grandstands.

    They are only $20 each for all sizes through XL. Anything larger is just $25.

    2013 Tri-State Speedway track shirt - Front

    2013 Tri-State Speedway track shirt - Back

    To see this year's Jr. Fan T-Shirts, click on the Junior Fan Link above.

  • Factory and Super Stock Rule Clarifications

    Information regarding the requirement of a steel plate beneath the driver's seat was omitted from the rules pertaining to Factory Stocks and Super Stocks and has now been added.

    Also, the rule regarding engine set back for the Super Stocks was incomplete and has been corrected.

    To view the changes or print a copy of the rules, please click on, or hover over, the rules tab above and select which class you wish to view or print.

  • Rule Clarification and Rule Addition

    There has been a recent update/clarification to the line-up procedures. This update is in reference to the new passing point system that will be in place for the 2013 season and relates to how a driver will "qualify" for the "A" Feature. You can find these updates/clarifications by clicking, or hovering, on the "Rules" tab above and then on the "General Rules." The updated rules are from rule #4 through #10.

    There has also been a rule addition to the Factory Stock rules. A rule was added under the "Engine" rules to state the maximum compression allowed per cylinder. This new rule is now rule #2 and can be found by clicking, or hovering, on the "Rules" tab above and then on the "Factory Stock" tab.

  • Rule Change and Sanction Update

    The Smith Chevrolet "B" Modifieds are now officially sanctioned by the USRA and will be eligible for regional and naitonal USRA "B" Modified points.

    Also note a rule change concerning the 10" tires on the Smith Chevrolet "B" Modifieds. You will now only be allowed to run a 10" wheel/tire until June 30th, 2013.

    For a complete set of 2013 Tri-State Speedway rules for the Smith Chevrolet "B" Modifieds, click on the Rules button above or by clicking here.

  • Schedule Changes

         A few schedule changes have been made to the 2013 schedule. Please take a look at the updated schedule by clicking on the "Schedule" button above or by clicking here. Dates and/or events that have changed are listed in orange.