Point Standings As of June 25, 2016
  Pure Stock
Position Driver      City, State Points Behind
1    Chris Perkins    Rudy , AR 337 Leader
2    Jacob Cox (R)    Pocola, OK 319 -18
3    Jalen Brewton    Alma, AR 313 -24
4    Ethan Hunter (R)    Alma, AR 308 -29
5    Bill Schiffman (R)    Prairie Grove, AR 217 -120
6    Austin Farnam    Fort Smith, AR 192 -145
7    Josh Asher    West Fork , AR 191 -146
8    Wesley Bourne    Rock Island, OK 190 -147
9    Jeffrey Payton (R)    Hackett, AR 158 -179
10    Dylan Johnson    , 141 -196
11    Bobby Hunter    Haileyville, OK 138 -199
12    Adam Gipson (R)    Lavaca, AR 130 -207
13    Marshall Penson    Van Buren, AR 113 -224
14    Jesse Garner    Alma, AR 106 -231
15    Cody Collingsworth    Rudy, AR 70 -267
16    Justin Johnson    Fort Smith, AR 66 -271
17    Andy Burnett    Checotah, OK 64 -273
18    Chris Winders    Arkoma , OK 62 -275
18    Dakota Keys    Prairie Grove, AR 62 -275
20    Tyler Drummond    Mountainburg, AR 38 -299
21    Landon Knight    Fort Smith, AR 35 -302
21    Kendall Hasty    Huntsville, AR 35 -302
23    Grant Perry    Fort Gibson, OK 33 -304
23    Earl Seagraves    Spiro, OK 33 -304
23    Jason Payton    Greenwood, AR, AR 33 -304
26    Kyle McAllister    Fort Smith, AR 32 -305
27    Jeff Whittenburg    Elkins, AR 30 -307
27    Johnny Gregory    , 30 -307
29    Gary Clark    Hackett, AR 29 -308
  Super Stock
Position Driver      City, State Points Behind
1    Cody Jones    Fort Smith, AR 265 Leader
2    Neil Johnston    Fort Smith, AR 256 -9
3    Randy Moses Sr    Muskogee, OK 231 -34
4    Roy Roberts    Alma, AR 190 -75
5    Jay Rierson    Booneville, AR 183 -82
6    Dylan Davlin    Shady Point, OK 167 -98
7    Grant Davis    Muldrow, OK 151 -114
8    David Palmer (R)    Sallisaw, OK 141 -124
9    H Palmer    Muldrow, OK 139 -126
10    Gene Davlin    Shady Point, OK 131 -134
11    Kyle Slader    Muskogee, OK, 126 -139
12    Danny Southerland    Shady Point, OK 110 -155
13    TJ Moore    Fort Smith, AR, 106 -159
14    Ray Phipps    Pocola, OK 97 -168
15    Robert Knowles    Buffalo Valley,OK, OK 94 -171
16    Dan Leatherman    Muskogee, OK 88 -177
17    Shane Hickey    Fort Smith , AR 84 -181
17    Heath Weston    , 84 -181
19    Dwain Rigsbee    Kansas, OK 77 -188
20    Matt Fitzgerald    Broken Arrow, OK 74 -191
21    Tony Anglin    Walnut Ridge , AR 72 -193
22    Robert Southerland    Salisaw, OK 71 -194
22    Josh Essary    Bella Vista, AR 71 -194
24    Scooter Scruggs    , 66 -199
25    Jim Philpot    Greenwood, AR 58 -207
26    Brent Robertson    Alma, AR 51 -214
27    Brint Hartwick    , 38 -227
28    Mikey Bell    , 37 -228
29    Daniel Tarkington    Checotah, OK 36 -229
29    Heath Philpot    Greenwood, AR 36 -229
31    Tyler Hopson (R)    Fort Gibson, OK 34 -231
32    Randy Moses II    Muskogee, OK 32 -233
32    Chuck Knight    Fort Smith, AR 32 -233
34    Chance Asher    Muldrow, OK 31 -234
34    Nathan Melanson    Gravette, AR 31 -234
34    Bobby Prewett    Muldrow, OK 31 -234
37    Ron Grover    Pocola, OK 30 -235
38    Michael Muskrat (R)    Stillwell, OK 29 -236
38    Ricky Wrinkle    Star City, AR 29 -236
38    Neil Kemp    Kirby, AR 29 -236
38    Nick Lawrence    Plainview, AR 29 -236
42    Jay Anderson    Springdale, AR 28 -237
42    Randy Eakin    , 28 -237
44    Hayden Chavers    Jonesboro, AR 27 -238
44    Thurman Blanton    Bonanza , AR 27 -238
46    Terry Muskrat    Stilwell, OK 25 -240
46    Tandy Sullivan    Spiro, OK 25 -240
48    Jimmy Hamilton    Van Buren, `AR 24 -241
48    Burl Woods    Republic, Mo 24 -241
48    Travis Vaughn    Pocola, OK 24 -241
51    George Rudy    Alma, AR 23 -242
51    Billy Wheeler    Muldrow, OK 23 -242
  USRA Modified
Position Driver      City, State Points Behind
1    George Martin    Fort Smith, AR 890 Leader
2    Zane Hunter    Alma, AR 815 -75
3    Jeremy Vaughn    Pocola, OK 746 -144
4    Kyle Ledford    Greenwood, AR 669 -221
5    Allen Owen    Pocola, OK, 648 -242
6    Myles Newman    Alma, AR 639 -251
7    Randy Henson    Alma, AR 632 -258
8    Brent Holman    Rogers, AR 619 -271
9    Tate Cole    Fort Gibson, OK 543 -347
10    Brian Williams    Fayetteville, AR 503 -387
11    Daniel Tarkington    Checotah, OK 459 -431
12    Brandon Hunter    Alma, AR 425 -465
13    Chris Lewis    Springdale, AR 404 -486
14    Anthony Reeves    Mulberry, AR 393 -497
15    Ryan Taylor    Muldrow, OK 372 -518
16    Scott Glover    Hackett, AR 356 -534
17    Dalton McKenzie    Van Buren, AR 337 -553
18    Kevin Guinn    Fayetteville, AR, AR 333 -557
19    Kayden Menasco    , 300 -590
20    Andy Milliken    Greenwood, AR 255 -635
21    Melvin Pilcher    Springdale, AR 240 -650
22    Mike Cook    Conway, AR 232 -658
23    Kyle Schmidt    Prairie , AR 226 -664
24    Danny Padilla    Phoenix, AZ, OK 214 -676
25    Lance Robins    , 200 -690
26    Marlin Shehorn    Russellville, AR 196 -694
27    Chad Wheeler    , 195 -695
28    Scott Haseman    Fayetteville, AR 190 -700
29    Devin Beach    Muskogee, OK 169 -721
30    JC Mattingly    Springdale, AR 168 -722
31    Justin Crow    Dardanelle, AR 150 -740
32    David Marez    , 148 -742
33    Steve Holzkamper    Gentry, AR 136 -754
34    Robbie Gates    Alma, AR, FL 133 -757
35    Gene Nicholas    Lowell, AR 128 -762
36    Mike Camarillo    Webb City , MO 126 -764
37    Lonnie Gilleland    Fort Gibson, OK 119 -771
38    Kenny Gaddis    Dianna, TX 100 -790
39    Sean Gaddis    , 87 -803
40    Phillip Goodnight    Braggs, OK 84 -806
41    Johnny Bone Jr    , 78 -812
42    Andy Morris    Fort Gibson, OK 76 -814
43    Aaron Scroggins    Neosho, MO 74 -816
43    Nick Lawrence    Plainview, AR 74 -816
45    Dan Morris    Fort Gibson, OK 72 -818
46    Steven Lewallen    Dardanelle, AR 70 -820
46    Shannon Weese    , 70 -820
48    Shawn Pinkerton    Cedarville, AR 66 -824
48    Brandon Force (R)    Pea Ridge , AR 66 -824
48    Tom Paulson (R)    Spiro, OK 66 -824
51    Aaron Moss    , 64 -826
52    John Sheets    Nevada, MO 62 -828
53    Alex Roofener    Vilonia, AR 60 -830
54    Martin "Scooter" Hemphill    Spiro, OK 58 -832
54    Heath Weston    , 58 -832
56    Patrick Goodnight    , 53 -837
57    Dustin Allen    Enid, OK 45 -845
57    Farrell Skelton    Jay, OK 45 -845
57    Brandon Givens    , 45 -845

Important changes, corrections or clarifications are in red.



  1. All holes in firewall must be sealed off from engine compartment and trunk area.
  2. Aluminum high-back racing seats only. They must be bolted to roll cage, not floor. Driver’s head must not protrude outside of roll cage with helmet on.
  3. Must have either a 16 or 18 gauge thick steel plate welded beneath the driver’s seat that is large enough to prevent injury to the driver.
  4. Minimum 1.75” O.D. tubing recommended, Cars already built with 1.50” O.D. tubing, .095 will be grand-fathered in. Low carbon or mild steel recommended. Four-post roll cage must be used with front down bars and rear hoop welded to OEM frame.
  5. Minimum of four windshield bars in front of driver.
  6. Minimum three door bars, both sides, at least 1.75” O.D. .095-wall thickness parallel to the main frame, Minimum of four uprights tied from frame to top door bar on driver’s side, passenger side may be X’d with V-bar extending out to door skin. Must be X’d to prevent cage from collapsing. 16 gauge steel driver’s door plate is required.
  7. Each car must have tow hooks on front and rear. The track will not be responsible for damage done while towing.
  8. Drive shafts must be painted white with car number on them. Must have drive shaft safety loop located 10” from rear of transmission tail shaft. Must be made of 2” X ¼” flat strap.
  9. Must have master power disconnect switch. Must be clearly marked and within easy reach of the driver.
  10. Racing fuel cell mandatory with a can. Must be secured in the trunk area. See General Rules for mounting information.
  11. Please refer to General Rules for additional safety information.


  1. Any American-made full-body rear wheel drive passenger car or pick-up. Must be full frame or uni-body. Must be 108” wheelbase minimum +/– 1”, except for strut cars, which may be 101” wheelbase minimum +/– 1". No fifth arm or pan hard bars allowed.
  2. No offset.
  3. Weight 3000 lbs. after the race with driver. If running Engine Option #2 (4 bbl), weight is 3200 after race with driver with 50 lbs of the weight in front of the firewall.
  4. Uni-body cars must tie front frame to the rear frame. Single tube only.
  5. Frame must remain stock from center of front axle to center of rear axle on metric and Camaro cars.
  6. All car suspension must match frame make for make, model for model. No mismatching frames or suspension parts. Camaro on Camaro and Metric on Metric, etc.
  7. No cutting or shortening of frame will be tolerated, period!
  8. Must have stock unaltered floor pan and firewall front and rear. However, firewall maybe set back a maximum of 4”. Stock firewall from transmission tunnel down and floor pan back to 6” from yoke.
  9. May remove inner fenders and open trunk area.
  10. No sloping of roof or modification to body parts. May have aftermarket front nose and rear tailpiece. No dirt late model style. Sheet metal doors are allowed. Aluminum doors are allowed. Aluminum side panels are OK, but must be stock appearing for that model. No slab bodies.
  11. Driver’s seat may be no further than rear edge of B-pillar. No mirrors.
  12. Boxing of driver compartment allowed. Must have 10" X 10" inspection panel. Driver must be able to exit from both sides of car in case of an accident.
  13. 6” rear spoiler OK. Must be mounted to the rearward most part of the deck lid. Hood scoops allowed with no front opening.
  14. May make bumper of round or rectangle tubing, but must be boxed in on each end. No reinforcement or up rights, push bars or extra metal on bumpers.
  15. May have rub rails running from rear of front tire to front of rear tire, not to extend into wheel openings. Rail material must be 1” X 2” rectangle tubing beveled and boxed on both ends.


  1. Stock OEM transmission, 3 or 4 speed with clutch and flywheel between engine and transmission.  Must have forward and reverse gears and be able to start and move forward and reverse on its own.  Bert/Brinns are OK. Mini-clutches allowed.  If running automatic, running hub OK.
  2. Any approved OEM passenger car or truck-type rear end allowed, Grand National rear ends OK. Rear ends may be locked. Full steel spool, steel mini spool, or welded axle only. No aluminum. 1” inspection hole in center section is recommended. Steel axle only. No ratchet rear-ends, no Gold Track.



  1. Aftermarket blocks and factory performance blocks are allowed.
  2. No aluminum blocks or heads.
  3. Set back is center of #1 spark plug hole, even with ball jointmaximum. For 1982-to- 1992 Camaros, Firebirds, Trans-Ams (strut cars), engine set-back must be no more than 14” from center of steering gear box slack adjustment bolt to center of first header bolt on driver’s side. No modification to header or head. No engine offset. Engine height is 12” minimum from center of crank to ground. + or - 1”.
  4. Cast iron heads only, straight or angle-plug OK.
  5. Aluminum or cast iron intakes.
  6. Roller cams and roller rockers are OK.
  7. 2-barrel carburetors only. 500 CFM with 1 and 11/16” throttle bore maximum. Maximum 3½” adapter and/or spacer, including gaskets, measured from intake flange to carburetor base plate. No Predator-style carburetors. Track official has final say on throttle bore spacing.
  8. Mechanical fuel pumps only. Must be gas only, no alcohol.
  9. Battery must be in marine-type case securely mounted to metal frame behind seat or in metal battery tray mounted securely to frame in trunk area.
  10. Starter must bolt in stock location.
  11. Stock type ignition or HEI-type distributors or MSD boxes, no mag distributors.


  1. 4 bbl carb is OK. Gas ONLY. 750 cfm maximum. $500 claim following normal claim procedure.
  2. 360 ci limit. Will be puffed.
  3. No aluminum heads or blocks. Cast iron ONLY. Straight or angle plugs are OK.
  4. Roller cams and roller rockers are OK.
  5. Car, with driver, must weigh 3200 lbs after race, of which 50 lbs MUST be in front of firewall.
  6. Stock type ignition, HEI distributor or MSD box. No mag distributors.
  7. Set back is center of #1 spark plug hole, even with ball joint maximum. For 1982-to- 1992 Camaros, Firebirds, Trans-Ams (strut cars), engine set-back must be no more than 14” from center of steering gear box slack adjustment bolt to center of first header bolt on driver’s side. No modification to header or head. No engine offset. Engine height is 12” minimum from center of crank to ground. + or - 1”.


  1. Front springs must be in stock mounts and location.
  2. All front suspension components must be steel and unaltered, approved OEM parts. Must be in stock location and match frame. Metric on metric, Camaro on Camaro, etc. (Cannot mismatch front suspension.) All A-frame mounts and bolt holes on frame must be in stock location. No weight jacks allowed, upper tubular control arm are OK, must be in stock location. Aftermarket bushings OK.
  3. Front shocks must be in stock location.
  4. Rear springs may use buckets in frame as long as they are in the stock location.
  5. Rear shocks may use same method as front as long as they are in the stock location.
  6. All rear suspensioncomponents must be steel, unaltered OEM type parts in stock location and must match frame. All control arm mounts and bolt holes on frame must be in stock location. No independent rear suspension. No adjustable weight jacks, no pan hard bars.
  7. Suspension must remain completely stock. Racing springs are allowed. Spring bucket allowed but must be in stock location. Racing shocks allowed in stock location. Lower trailing arms may not be mounted lower than 3½” below housing to center of bolt as opposed to 2 " on Metric or Strut car Camaro's. Top trailing arms must be in stock length and in stock location. No heim-ends. Lower trailing arms can be + or - 14 degrees. NO TOLERANCE. Lower trailing arms must be stock length, side to side.                                                                                                       
  8. Strut-type car must retain strut suspension. May run braces to side of strut tower and may place plate on top of strut tower and run brace from plate to cage.
    a)      A-Frame mounts may be re-located or replaced with aftermarket brackets.
    b)      Stock fifth arm on ’82 and up Camaro and Firebirds must be non-adjustable and mounted solid, level with no flax plates or any other device to let mount flex.
    c)      Front arm may run through a rubber bushing with rod sticking straight forward through bushing. No heim-ends on arm allowed. Non-adjustable pan hard bar must remain stock and in stock holes and in stock location. Lift arm must remain stock in the stock location.
    d)      1993 and later Camaros, Firebirds, Trans-Ams with coil over type front suspensions may use racing coil over with the adjustment threads ground off. Shims will be allowed between the coil spring and mount for adjustment but no functional coil-overs.
    e)      NO sectioning, channeling or shopping allowed on frame, floor pan or body except where rules allow. (BODY MUST MATCH FRAME.) Upper tubular A-Arms OK.  Lower A-Arms must match frame and be in stock location.
    f)       Rear of car must be enclosed from frame rail to frame rail minimum, with either metal or plastic.  Can run aftermarket tailpiece.
  9. All four brakes must work. No aluminum calipers.
  10. 10” maximum steel wheel only, offsets OK.
  11. Hoosier asphalt take-offs only, grooving allowed, no recaps, bead lock OK on right rear, tires must durometer 50 by tracks guage.


  1. To be eligible to claim, driver must have raced the previous two point races at the track where the claim is being made and must have finished on the lead lap the night of the claim.
  2. Claim must be made within 5 minutes of end of feature. Top three cars may be claimed.
  3. Claim on heads and intake is $500.00 and swap. Items included with claim are heads and intake manifold. Not included with claim are stud girdles, rocker arms, and valve covers. If the engine of the car being claimed is deemed illegal, then the claimer will have the chance to back out of claim. If the car making the claim is illegal also, the claim will be dismissed. Track may claim at any time. If claim is made by the track, the heads and intake will be auctioned off after they are pulled. Auction will be at pay window.
  4. Shocks can be claimed, $50.00 per shock, must buy all four shocks ($200). Claim must be made within five minutes after that A-feature race. Claim excludes struts.
  5. If a driver refuses any claim, he/she will be suspended for two races from TSS. Driver will lose all points and money for that night and must pay $500.00 to track before he/she races again.


  1. Any driver that wins three races within one racing season will go through an extensive technical inspection, which could include but is not limited to bumper-to-bumper inspection. (In layman’s terms, if you are cheating we will find it).
  2. Track reserves the right to change or amend any rule at any time.
  3. No creative interpretation of rules. Call the track’s TECH before you do anything to your cars that might be questionable so that it does not result in a disqualification.



Competitive racing can result in injury and/or death to the participant.  No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of, or compliance with these rules and/or regulations.  The rules and regulations are ONLY intended as guides for the conduct of the sport.  They are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, officials, or other.

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