Point Standings As of June 25, 2016
  Pure Stock
Position Driver      City, State Points Behind
1    Chris Perkins    Rudy , AR 337 Leader
2    Jacob Cox (R)    Pocola, OK 319 -18
3    Jalen Brewton    Alma, AR 313 -24
4    Ethan Hunter (R)    Alma, AR 308 -29
5    Bill Schiffman (R)    Prairie Grove, AR 217 -120
6    Austin Farnam    Fort Smith, AR 192 -145
7    Josh Asher    West Fork , AR 191 -146
8    Wesley Bourne    Rock Island, OK 190 -147
9    Jeffrey Payton (R)    Hackett, AR 158 -179
10    Dylan Johnson    , 141 -196
11    Bobby Hunter    Haileyville, OK 138 -199
12    Adam Gipson (R)    Lavaca, AR 130 -207
13    Marshall Penson    Van Buren, AR 113 -224
14    Jesse Garner    Alma, AR 106 -231
15    Cody Collingsworth    Rudy, AR 70 -267
16    Justin Johnson    Fort Smith, AR 66 -271
17    Andy Burnett    Checotah, OK 64 -273
18    Chris Winders    Arkoma , OK 62 -275
18    Dakota Keys    Prairie Grove, AR 62 -275
20    Tyler Drummond    Mountainburg, AR 38 -299
21    Landon Knight    Fort Smith, AR 35 -302
21    Kendall Hasty    Huntsville, AR 35 -302
23    Grant Perry    Fort Gibson, OK 33 -304
23    Earl Seagraves    Spiro, OK 33 -304
23    Jason Payton    Greenwood, AR, AR 33 -304
26    Kyle McAllister    Fort Smith, AR 32 -305
27    Jeff Whittenburg    Elkins, AR 30 -307
27    Johnny Gregory    , 30 -307
29    Gary Clark    Hackett, AR 29 -308
  Super Stock
Position Driver      City, State Points Behind
1    Cody Jones    Fort Smith, AR 265 Leader
2    Neil Johnston    Fort Smith, AR 256 -9
3    Randy Moses Sr    Muskogee, OK 231 -34
4    Roy Roberts    Alma, AR 190 -75
5    Jay Rierson    Booneville, AR 183 -82
6    Dylan Davlin    Shady Point, OK 167 -98
7    Grant Davis    Muldrow, OK 151 -114
8    David Palmer (R)    Sallisaw, OK 141 -124
9    H Palmer    Muldrow, OK 139 -126
10    Gene Davlin    Shady Point, OK 131 -134
11    Kyle Slader    Muskogee, OK, 126 -139
12    Danny Southerland    Shady Point, OK 110 -155
13    TJ Moore    Fort Smith, AR, 106 -159
14    Ray Phipps    Pocola, OK 97 -168
15    Robert Knowles    Buffalo Valley,OK, OK 94 -171
16    Dan Leatherman    Muskogee, OK 88 -177
17    Shane Hickey    Fort Smith , AR 84 -181
17    Heath Weston    , 84 -181
19    Dwain Rigsbee    Kansas, OK 77 -188
20    Matt Fitzgerald    Broken Arrow, OK 74 -191
21    Tony Anglin    Walnut Ridge , AR 72 -193
22    Robert Southerland    Salisaw, OK 71 -194
22    Josh Essary    Bella Vista, AR 71 -194
24    Scooter Scruggs    , 66 -199
25    Jim Philpot    Greenwood, AR 58 -207
26    Brent Robertson    Alma, AR 51 -214
27    Brint Hartwick    , 38 -227
28    Mikey Bell    , 37 -228
29    Daniel Tarkington    Checotah, OK 36 -229
29    Heath Philpot    Greenwood, AR 36 -229
31    Tyler Hopson (R)    Fort Gibson, OK 34 -231
32    Randy Moses II    Muskogee, OK 32 -233
32    Chuck Knight    Fort Smith, AR 32 -233
34    Chance Asher    Muldrow, OK 31 -234
34    Nathan Melanson    Gravette, AR 31 -234
34    Bobby Prewett    Muldrow, OK 31 -234
37    Ron Grover    Pocola, OK 30 -235
38    Michael Muskrat (R)    Stillwell, OK 29 -236
38    Ricky Wrinkle    Star City, AR 29 -236
38    Neil Kemp    Kirby, AR 29 -236
38    Nick Lawrence    Plainview, AR 29 -236
42    Jay Anderson    Springdale, AR 28 -237
42    Randy Eakin    , 28 -237
44    Hayden Chavers    Jonesboro, AR 27 -238
44    Thurman Blanton    Bonanza , AR 27 -238
46    Terry Muskrat    Stilwell, OK 25 -240
46    Tandy Sullivan    Spiro, OK 25 -240
48    Jimmy Hamilton    Van Buren, `AR 24 -241
48    Burl Woods    Republic, Mo 24 -241
48    Travis Vaughn    Pocola, OK 24 -241
51    George Rudy    Alma, AR 23 -242
51    Billy Wheeler    Muldrow, OK 23 -242
  USRA Modified
Position Driver      City, State Points Behind
1    George Martin    Fort Smith, AR 890 Leader
2    Zane Hunter    Alma, AR 815 -75
3    Jeremy Vaughn    Pocola, OK 746 -144
4    Kyle Ledford    Greenwood, AR 669 -221
5    Allen Owen    Pocola, OK, 648 -242
6    Myles Newman    Alma, AR 639 -251
7    Randy Henson    Alma, AR 632 -258
8    Brent Holman    Rogers, AR 619 -271
9    Tate Cole    Fort Gibson, OK 543 -347
10    Brian Williams    Fayetteville, AR 503 -387
11    Daniel Tarkington    Checotah, OK 459 -431
12    Brandon Hunter    Alma, AR 425 -465
13    Chris Lewis    Springdale, AR 404 -486
14    Anthony Reeves    Mulberry, AR 393 -497
15    Ryan Taylor    Muldrow, OK 372 -518
16    Scott Glover    Hackett, AR 356 -534
17    Dalton McKenzie    Van Buren, AR 337 -553
18    Kevin Guinn    Fayetteville, AR, AR 333 -557
19    Kayden Menasco    , 300 -590
20    Andy Milliken    Greenwood, AR 255 -635
21    Melvin Pilcher    Springdale, AR 240 -650
22    Mike Cook    Conway, AR 232 -658
23    Kyle Schmidt    Prairie , AR 226 -664
24    Danny Padilla    Phoenix, AZ, OK 214 -676
25    Lance Robins    , 200 -690
26    Marlin Shehorn    Russellville, AR 196 -694
27    Chad Wheeler    , 195 -695
28    Scott Haseman    Fayetteville, AR 190 -700
29    Devin Beach    Muskogee, OK 169 -721
30    JC Mattingly    Springdale, AR 168 -722
31    Justin Crow    Dardanelle, AR 150 -740
32    David Marez    , 148 -742
33    Steve Holzkamper    Gentry, AR 136 -754
34    Robbie Gates    Alma, AR, FL 133 -757
35    Gene Nicholas    Lowell, AR 128 -762
36    Mike Camarillo    Webb City , MO 126 -764
37    Lonnie Gilleland    Fort Gibson, OK 119 -771
38    Kenny Gaddis    Dianna, TX 100 -790
39    Sean Gaddis    , 87 -803
40    Phillip Goodnight    Braggs, OK 84 -806
41    Johnny Bone Jr    , 78 -812
42    Andy Morris    Fort Gibson, OK 76 -814
43    Aaron Scroggins    Neosho, MO 74 -816
43    Nick Lawrence    Plainview, AR 74 -816
45    Dan Morris    Fort Gibson, OK 72 -818
46    Steven Lewallen    Dardanelle, AR 70 -820
46    Shannon Weese    , 70 -820
48    Shawn Pinkerton    Cedarville, AR 66 -824
48    Brandon Force (R)    Pea Ridge , AR 66 -824
48    Tom Paulson (R)    Spiro, OK 66 -824
51    Aaron Moss    , 64 -826
52    John Sheets    Nevada, MO 62 -828
53    Alex Roofener    Vilonia, AR 60 -830
54    Martin "Scooter" Hemphill    Spiro, OK 58 -832
54    Heath Weston    , 58 -832
56    Patrick Goodnight    , 53 -837
57    Dustin Allen    Enid, OK 45 -845
57    Farrell Skelton    Jay, OK 45 -845
57    Brandon Givens    , 45 -845

Click here to print a copy of these rules.

2013 Tri-State Speedway General Track Rules
* 2013 Changes, or clarifications, are in red.


  1. Line ups for all point heat races will be determined by pill draw at driver sign in. Driver MUST be signed in by 6:45 PM, or they will start tail back in their allocated heat race and NO PASSING POINTS will be awarded for their heat. Any person drawing for a driver who will be arriving late MUST also purchase the pit pass for the driver they are drawing for. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. Race positions will be posted on the line up board(s) in pit area(s). It is the driver's responsibility to know his/her position. All races will be aligned in the pit area(s). Drivers will be called to line-up in pit area(s) as designated by pit stewards. Pit stewards are empowered to place a car tailback or disqualify a car at any time. A car is required to be in, or near, the staging area at the time the race is allowed onto the track. If you do not enter the track when the pit steward allows cars onto the track, you will be placed tailback of that race. If the start of a race is delayed because of your car, you will start tailback of that race - UNLESS, you have raced in the previous race, and in that case, your car that you will be racing MUST be in the staging area(s). (IF YOU FINISH IN A TECH QUALIFYING POSITION, YOU MUST REPORT TO THE TECH INSPECTION AREA, BEFORE YOU GO THE STAGING AREA TO EXCHANGE CARS.) NO EXCEPTIONS. Your next car may also be located in the tech area. There will be a time allowance for you to get into your next car, as long as your car is in the staging, or tech, area, and you change cars within the sight of a pit steward, or other track official.
  3. All line-ups will be made before 6:30 PM, and posted to the pit boards as soon as possible. Races will start at 7:30 PM. Drivers MUST sign themselves in. Check the line-up board(s) for your line-up position. If you wish to run tailback for the night (or that race), you must tell a track official. If a car does not line up for the race, all other cars in that line will move straight forward in the line-up. (We do not cross or ‘X’ the line-ups.)
  4. Tri-State Speedway uses the USRA point structure for awarding points, with the following exception. Tri-State Speedway will award 15 points for heat races, regardless of your finish, in the event that you “break” during the heat race and cannot start the “A” Feature or for non-transfer "B" Feature positions. You must take the green flag of any heat race or feature to earn points and qualify as a competed race. Tri-State Speedway does not award show up points. (Example: If you break in a heat race, or “B” feature, and cannot start the "A" feature, you will only earn 15 points for the night.) YOU WILL ONLY EARN HEAT/”B” FEATURE POINTS IF YOU DO NOT START THE “A” FEATURE by taking the green flag. In a single night, if a driver does not qualify for the “A” Feature via heat races or “B” Feature transfer spots, they will only be awarded 15 points. A driver cannot earn heat or non-“B” Feature transfer points AND “A” Feature points in a single night. USRA will award national passing points for “A” Feature finishes in the USRA “A” Modifieds and the Smith Chevrolet “B” Modifieds. These feature passing points are NOT figured into your local Tri-State point standings and are calculated and awarded by the USRA and not Tri-State.
  5. Tri-State Speedway uses passing points to determine your “A” feature, or “B” Feature starting positions. Passing points are ONLY used to determine your feature starting positions and do not accumulate. (See Rule #4 above for USRA feature passing points exception that applies to your national points in USRA “A” Modifieds and Smith Chevrolet “B” Modifieds.) In the event of a tie in passing points, the lowest heat car will be awarded the position. If there are two cars in the same heat with the same passing point total, the car with the lowest starting position will win the tie.
  6. ALL heat race cars, in each class, will be placed into a passing point “pool” that will determine where you start in either “A” or “B” Feature racing.
  7. If there are less than twenty (20) cars in a single class, at the close of driver sign-in, all cars in that class will qualify or “lock” into the “A” Feature and will be lined up “heads up” via their finishing positions in the heat racing passing points “pool” except the top  eight (8). (See rule below.) If more cars arrive AFTER sign in close, the track management will make a decision as to whether or not to run a “B” Feature or increase the number of “A” Feature cars.
  8. The top eight (8) “A” Feature cars will be subject to a random inversion. After the last heat race in each class is finished, a random fan from the stands will spin a wheel marked with numbers ranging from zero (0) to four (4).
    a. A zero (0) will result on no changes to the line-up.
    b. A one (1) will result in the top two (2) cars changing positions by the first row swapping inside/outside positions.
    c. A two (2) will result in the top four (4) cars changing positions by rows one and two being inverted. Positions 1, 2, 3, and 4 will be lined up as 4, 3, 2, and 1.
    d. A three (3) will result in the top six (6) cars changing positions by rows one and three being inverted and row two swapping inside/outside. Positions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be lined up as 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1.
    e. A four (4) will result in the top eight (8) cars changing positions by rows one and four inverting and rows two and three being inverted. Positions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 will be lined up as 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1.
  9. All remaining “A” Feature cars, positions nine (9) – (up) to twenty (20), will be lined up "heads-up", behind the possible “inversion” cars, based on your heat racing passing points.  TO CLARIFY: “A” Feature positions one (1) - eight (8) are subject to the random inversion, while positions nine (9) -(up to) twenty (20) will be “heads up” from the heat race passing point “pool.”
  10. If there are more than twenty (20) cars signed in for a single class AT DRIVER SIGN-IN CLOSE, a “B” Feature will be scheduled. Cars in passing point positions thirteen (13) and beyond from the passing point “pool”, will be lined up “heads up” by their passing points in “B” Feature position one (1) and so on. There may be up to twenty (20) cars per “B” Feature. If ‘B’ feature(s) are run, the top finishers, required for a twenty (20) car ‘A’ feature, will be placed “heads up” behind the ‘A’ feature qualifiers. EXAMPLE: If there are thirty (30) cars in a single class at driver sign in close, the top twelve (12) cars via their heat racing passing points will be “locked” into the “A” Feature, with the top eight (8) subject to the random inversion. Positions nine (9) – twelve (12), in the “A” Feature, will remain as they finished in the passing points “pool.” Positions thirteen (13) – thirty (30), from the passing points ”pool”  would be lined up “heads up” by their passing points into a “B” Feature, with the top eight (8) transferring to the back of the twelve (12) car “A” feature in positions thirteen (13) – twenty (20.)
  11. Once you start a race program in a specific car, you will NOT be allowed to change cars for the remainder of the program. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  12. Any driver competing in more than one class must buy a pit pass for each class.
  13. The flagman will have complete authority during the race.
  14. If a yellow or red flag is thrown during the first lap of any race, the race will be restarted with all cars in their original positions except in a single car spin. If you spin on the first lap by yourself and you remain stopped and cause a yellow or red flag to be thrown for you, you will be placed tailback if you are able to continue. All decisions by track officials are FINAL.
  15. Yellow Flag
    a. Tri-State Speedway races to the Yellow Flag. Do not argue with track officials about your position, as the scorekeepers are the final word on positions. Failure to obey track officials directions/signals could result in a disqualification from that race.

    b. If the caution is thrown for a single car after the first lap, that car will be placed tailback. NO EXCEPTIONS! If it is a multi-car spin, all cars involved will go tailback. By track official's discretion, if you were spun by another car, and the other car did not spin, you will receive your place back and the other car will be placed tail back and could risk being disqualified for the entire race program at spotter’s discretion. ROUGH driving WILL NOT be tolerated at Tri-State Speedway!
    c. Any driver that causes a yellow or red flag to be thrown for them twice (2 times) in a single race, will be required to leave the race. A first lap spin will count toward your two spins. (This only applies to single car events.)
    d. Any car that goes to the pits, or is worked on while still on the track, during a yellow or red flag, will automatically go tail back. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    e. During a yellow flag, all cars will line up single file (regardless of where you think you go) and track officials will put you in the correct position via hand signals. If a car refuses to line up in single file, the driver will receive 1 (one) warning from track officials to get in a single file line. If a driver does not get in a single file line the 2nd time, the driver will be disqualified from that race.
    f. During a yellow flag, all drivers will maintain a slow and safe speed, so you will be able to see a track official’s signals. Failure to do so could result in disqualification from that race.
  16. Red Flag
    a. A red flag means that there is eminent danger to you, or others, on the track.

    b. When a red flag is thrown, DO NOT continue to race. If you do this, after the red flag is thrown, or the red light is on, you risk being disqualified by ANY track official. SAFETY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY ... PAY ATTENTION!
    c. Immediately slow down, hold your position, and look for a track official to STOP you.
    d. When it is safe/clear to resume, a track official will allow you to move and the red light will go to yellow. Once you are stopped for a red flag, do NOT move until directed to do so by a track official or the light goes back to yellow.
  17. Starts and Re-Starts
    a. The front row will start the race, however this will be at a reasonable speed, and acceleration will start in Turn 4, at the first red lines/markers on the walls.  If you start accelerating in Turn 3 before the line, you will cause a no start you will be given a warning. The front row must remain side by side while exiting Turn 4. You only have two (2) attempts do to this. If you cannot start the race after two (2) attempts, the first and second rows will be inverted. No jack rabbit starts will be allowed. (i.e.: speeding up, slowing down, and then speeding up again.) The front row position does not give you the right to keep the pace so slow that the cars behind are ‘loaded up’ and about to kill their engines. In this case, the flagman may give you the pick-up speed signal. If this signal/direction is disregarded, or ignored, after two attempts you will be placed back to the second row.

    b. All classes that race regularly at TSS will re-start single file (nose to tail and in line with the car in front of you) in all heat races, unless otherwise specified. This rule will also be in effect for all features if there are five (5) or less laps remaining, or unless otherwise specified. Do NOT pull out of line, or lag back, to get a run on the car in front of you. Doing this could result in a two (2) position finishing penalty, PER occurrence. There is a red stripe/marker on the inside and outside walls. You MUST stay in line, nose to tail, until you pass the SECOND line. All decisions made by track officials are FINAL and are non-negotiable.
    c. At TSS, lapped cars will be re-aligned where they crossed the start/finish line after a yellow/red flag. Lapped cars WILL NOT be moved to the end of the line-up. (If the leader had to pass the lap car, the other cars should have to, as well.) If you are a lapped car, and wish to go tailback, you must let a track official know of your intent.
  18. Any unauthorized participant, including pit crew members, or drivers, entering the flag stand area, or press box/scoring area, will cause the driver to be disqualified and lose points and money for the entire night, or face a suspension to be set forth by track officials. The driver is responsible for crew members and family. ANY track official is available to talk to, AFTER the race program is completed. Any person causing or being involved in any un-sportsman like behavior will be suspended for a length of time to be determined by the promoter and could be subjected to a fine. Fighting could land you in jail, plus a guaranteed suspension from the track. The DRIVER is also responsible for family and crew members in regards to e-mails, mail, and internet forums. READ PIT CREW MEMBERS RULE BELOW.
  19. If you have been disqualified from a race, (you have been shown the Black Flag), you will not be 'escorted' from the track for the remainder of the race. (i.e.: The race will NOT be stopped for you to be shown the black flag, individually.) It is YOUR responsibility to know what flag has been shown to you, just like any other flag of the race. You may continue to race, IF you wish, BUT you will NOT receive any points/monies/benefits won for that race. IF you decide to ignore the disqualification and continue to race, and cause another driver, ANY TYPE of interference/trouble, you WILL then face a suspension from racing activities at Tri-State Speedway, to be set forth by track officials, whose decisions are FINAL. This rule is intended to speed up the show and to stop the 'show-boating' that sometimes occurs with a disqualification.
  20. Pit Crew Members
    a. Pit crew must stay in pit area(s), on the “floor” of the pit area(s), and behind retaining wall(s). You are not allowed to stand on the back fill of any retaining wall or on any retaining wall. There will be no working on a car on the racetrack. If a car is worked on (or even touched), on the track, the car will be placed tail back of the lap they were on. If any pit crewmember does not adhere to the track official’s direction about getting off of the track, their driver risks being disqualified and the individual causing the problem may be suspended. IMPORTANT NOTE: If someone approaches your car, whether they are from your pit crew or not, and you wish not to be penalized, you MUST make a visible attempt to keep them away from your car. (TIP: Move to the closest track official and state your point/case.) Failure to do such action could result in the above described penalties.

    b. In the case of an accident, DO NOT come onto the track, unless asked to help by a track official. This will allow the opportunity for track officials to assess the severity of the incident and allow EMS personnel to get to the scene, if needed. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in driver disqualification from that race. ALL track officials, even wrecker operators, are allowed to make this decision.
    c. It is mandatory for ALL PERSONS who enter the pit area to sign the release for waiver of liability and indemnity agreement. If you have not signed this form and are injured, you will not be covered by the track's insurance. NO EXCEPTIONS. We assume that you have read this form when you sign it. All items including tools, tow vehicles, race cars, etc. are taken into the pit area at the owner’s risk and are not covered by the track's insurance.
    d. Anyone sustaining ANY injury in the competition area (the race track or the pit areas) must report the injury to a track official by the end of the race program. Reporting the accident the following day will void benefits. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    e. Scoring officials will only discuss procedures, finishes and points with the competing driver of a particular race, after the night's program is over, NOT before. DO NOT COME TO THE PRESS/SCORERS BOX DURING THE PROGRAM (including intermission!) The track officials/scorers have the authority to disqualify a car, even after the race, if his or her family members, fans, owner or pit crew cause problems. The track officials/scorers will gladly discuss anything with the driver only, after the night’s race program is complete.
  21. Tech Area
    a. The top four (4) cars after every race, unless specified otherwise, will go directly to the tech inspection area, after one cool down lap. DO NOT ENTER THE TECH AREA IMMEDIATELY AFTER TAKING THE CHECKERED FLAG, as this could result in an injury to track officials, or a wreck with another car. Failure to go directly to the tech area, after your one cool down lap, will result in disqualification, loss of money and points for the night. If you leave the track, before going to the tech area, you WILL BE disqualified. (If you are unsure where you finished - stop ON THE TRACK and ask an official!) ALL DECISIONS MADE IN THE TECH AREA ARE FINAL. If you disagree with a call, you can discuss it with the tech person, outside of the scales/tech area, after everyone for your race has gone through tech. There will be no discussion in the scales/tech building. Pull your car out of the building and wait for the tech man to come and talk to you. IF YOU INTENTIONALLY, BY TRACK OFFICIALS JUDGEMENT, SPIN YOUR WHEELS ON THE SCALES WHILE LEAVING THE BUILDING, YOU WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED FOR THAT RACE! NO EXCEPTIONS OR EXCUSES ACCEPTED!

    b. When your car is in the tech area, only one person from that car will be allowed in tech area. (i.e.: for mechanical requirements/requests of the tech official or for cooling down the vehicle.)
    c. There may also be an additional technical inspection area to be set forth by track officials. The same rules, as above, will apply to this area as well.
  22. Harassment of pit stewards/officials will not be tolerated. Such action will result in suspension or disqualification from that night’s races.
  23. No two-way radios, cell phones, or communication devices OF ANY TYPE are allowed. If found, you will be disqualified and/or suspended. Chalk/dry erase boards and hand signals are exempt from this rule.
  24. It is your responsibility to make sure you are legal for the class you are racing in. Track officials have the authority to move you up a class if they deem your car is illegal for that class. (Again, it is your responsibility to know the rules when signing in at the pit shack.)
  25. All cars MUST be numbered with large, legible, contrasting numbers on both doors and on roof of the vehicle.  Numbers/Letters on door of cars MUST be in contrasting color from body and be at least 24" high. Your number(s) MUST be clearly visible when your race starts and MUST be made in such a manner to be in a contrasting color with the color that it is placed on. (Example: If your number is white on a light color, it MUST have a black, or other dark color/outline around it.) Track officials will not be held responsible for incorrect scoring of cars that have illegible numbers.
  26. ALL cars MUST have their car numbers on the FRONT nose piece area of their car. (Modifieds, including E-Mods, your number MUST be placed on the radiator covering area.) Front numbers MUST be at least 4" tall and 4" wide and EASILY visible from a distance. (If your car has double digit #’s, then the total width must be at least 8 " wide. The same rule applies for 3 digit #’s, meaning 12" in width.) Your number(s) MUST be clearly visible when your race starts and MUST be made in such a manner to be in a contrasting color with the color that it is placed on. (Example: If your number is white on a light color, it MUST have a black, or other dark color/outline around it.) This rule is intended to speed up the process of re-alignments after a race stoppage. (Cars that do not compete on a regular basis at Tri-State Speedway are exempt from this rule for a maximum of a 3 race period, per season.)
  27. Any driver speeding through the pit areas, at any track official’s decision, WILL BE automatically disqualified and forfeit all points and earnings for that night. DO NOT SPEED IN THE PIT AREAS, regardless of the situation!
  28. ALL alcoholic beverages/illegal substances in pit areas are PROHIBITED, AT ANY TIME! ANY vehicle entering the pit areas are subject to inspection, at any time, by any TSS official. ANY crew member, driver, or family member thereof, caught drinking in pit areas, at any time before the race program is complete, by any TSS official, will cause driver to be disqualified for the night. Driver is also responsible for crew members. Any driver found to be under the influence (of alcohol or other controlled/illegal substance) during the race program, by ANY track official, will be disqualified and will lose all money/points for the night and ALL POINTS EARNED IN THE SEASON, TO THAT POINT. ANY PERSON, WHICH IS IN VIOLATION OF THIS RULE, WILL BE REPORTED FOR INVESTIGATION AND WILL BE SUBJECT TO INTERVIEW BY THE LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT.
  29. Retaliation, in any manner, will not be tolerated! PERIOD! If any driver deliberately (by the track official’s decision) tries to harm another car, or driver, it will result in suspension and fines set forth by track promoter, and the local Police Department.
  30. If track packing is needed, ALL CARS will be required to help pack. TRACK PACKING IS PART OF THE RACE PROGRAM, JUST LIKE HEATS AND FEATURES. ALL DRIVERS ARE REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE. No exceptions.
  31. Any persons caught sneaking into the races will be escorted from the track immediately and the car they are with will be disqualified for that night. Your armband must be visible at all times. Your armband MUST be worn on your wrist at all times. (Armbands CANNOT be placed on hats, purses, etc.)
  32. ALL point races are subject to Tri-State Speedway's published rules. There will be no 'one night courtesy' rules or 'area track' rules that will apply, unless otherwise specified. NO GRACE PERIOD. You are responsible for making sure you are legal to race, in your class, at Tri-State Speedway.
  33. Any person that is caught standing on top of a pit wall, or the backfill behind ANY wall, while a race is in progress, will be subject to a suspension for a length of time to be determined by track management. This is for your safety and no excuses will be accepted. You may, or may not, receive a verbal warning first ... so don't do it!  You MUST stand on the 'floor' of the pit area. If you wish for a better view, there are 2 (two) observation towers, one in each set of corners, available for watching the races. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.
  34. Any suspension that is handed down will be for race programs, not weeks, unless otherwise noted. (Example: If you are suspended for two race programs, you will not be able to race again, until there have been two race programs ran, not two weeks.) This rule is intended to clarify the problems concerning rain outs.
  35. Tri-State Speedway has the right to refuse entrance to anyone who refuses to abide by the rules and the usual policy of conducting of races.
  36. Anyone under the age of 18 years MUST have a parent, or legal guardian, sign a minor release affidavit form in order to enter the pit area.
  37. Any driver under the age of 18 must have a written, notarized consent affidavit, from the parents and/or legal guardian of the driver.

                                                            SAFETY EQUIPMENT
  38. Racing is a dangerous sport and ALL drivers, etc. entering the speedway MUST assume all risk and liability.
  39. Tri-State Speedway will strive, each and every race, to have a foam-equipped fire truck on hand, with trained personnel, in case of a fire. (Once foam is sprayed on a fire, or spilled fuel, it is no longer able to be ignited, or be re-ignited).
  40. All roll cages must be built with a minimum of 1 1/2” OD (outside diameter) tubing.
  41. 9" Ford steel rear-ends are OK in all classes. NO ALUMINUM.
  42. Racing seat with approved 5-point harness is highly recommended for any class not requiring racing seats.
  43. Fuel cells are required, unless stated otherwise in class rules.
  44. Drive shaft loops are mandatory, and drive shafts MUST be painted white.
  45. No push bars are allowed in front of the vehicle.
  46. A working fire extinguisher, that is EASILY driver accessible, is mandatory. Mounting MUST NOT be restricted from the driver in any way. A secure mounting technique is required. NO tape or plastic ties will be allowed. If you do not have one, you will be subject to disqualification each time you race without one. The fire extinguishers must be real, and in working order. The extinguishers can be checked at any time, by any track official. This is for YOUR safety!
  47. Tow hooks or chains are MANDATORY on front AND rear and MUST be easily accessible to recovery/tow vehicles. (Tri-State Speedway will NOT be liable, in any way, for any damage incurred, due to inappropriate/inadequate hooks/chains on a vehicle.) A ONE (1) night verbal warning will be issued for the first offense, after that, you will be subject to disqualification each time you race without them. A metal frame (bumper) is NOT acceptable as a tow hook/chain. Modifieds, B Modifieds, and Economy Modifieds are exempt, as long as their bumpers can support their car’s weight. We recommend that any tow hooks/chains be mounted from frame rail to frame rail.
  49. Approved full face racing helmets are required, in all classes. No open face helmets will be allowed.
  50. Fire-proof neck braces, gloves, and shoes are MANDATORY in all classes.
  51. A full fire-proof driving suit is required in all classes. Drivers will NOT be allowed to wear jeans or T-shirts. No tolerance on this rule is allowed. If you do not have one, or can’t use yours, borrow one. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO RACE WITHOUT ONE!
  52. Any weight that is added to the car must be BOLTED onto the car. This can be inspected by any track official at any time. (No plastic ties, bungee cords, etc.) NO EXCEPTIONS. All added on weight MUST BE painted white (NO EXCEPTIONS) and have YOUR car number displayed, in a contrasting color, on the added weight. If you lose added weight from your car and is not easily identifiable, and it is determined to come from your car, you will be disqualified for the night and lose all points and money for the night.


Competitive racing can result in injury and/or death to the participant.  No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of, or compliance with these rules and/or regulations.  The rules and regulations are ONLY intended as guides for the conduct of the sport.  They are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, officials, or other.

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