• 2013 Tri-State Speedway Pure Stock Rules

    The new 2013 Pure Stock rules are now posted!
    You can access the rules by hovering/clicking on the rules tab above and then selecting Pure Stock. Or you may click here.
    You will also be able to print out a copy of the rules from that location.

    This class should include most area Pure Stocks and/or Street Stocks. If you have any questions on these rules, please contact Tim at 479.806.4101 for rule clarifications.

    This class will run at Tri-State Speedway starting on Saturday, June 1st, 2013.

    You will need to register with Tri-State Speedway to be eligible to race. You can do this by clicking on the registration tab above, by clicking here, or registering at the pit shack (which is not recommended.)
    If you fill the form out online, you can either choose to email it to us or print it out and bring it with you. By doing so, it will prevent any errors in your name, address, sponsors, etc. and it will also speed up your first visit to the pit shack. If you have any issues with registration, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Here is the payout for the Pure Stocks:
    1st -  $200.00, 2nd -  $150.00, 3rd -  $125.00, 4th -  $100.00, 5th -  $80.00, 6th -  $60.00, 7th -  $50.00, 8th -  $45.00 and 9th -20th - $40.00. Pit passes are only $30, so if you start the "A" Feature you get your pass back and a little extra.
  • Coca-Cola and Dasani Water Point Races, $1 Hot Dog Night and Bicycle Races - June 8th


    Dasani Water
    $1 Hot Dogs and Bicycle Races plus the all new Road Runner class!

    The kids will race their bicycles in three age categories: 5, 6 and 7 year olds; 8, 9, and 10 years olds; and 11 and older.

    There will be prizes/awards for the top three in each age group.

    Coca-Cola / Dasani Water / $1 Hot Dogs / Bicycle Races

  • Jr. Fan for May 25th, 2013

    Here is last Saturday night's Jr. Fan, Eric Coddington and his favorite driver, Roy Roberts. Roy drives the #116 Super Stock sponsored by Sandy Morgan Roberts, Bruce Terri Catering, Buddy's Home Furnishings, Shamrock Bolt & Screw, River Valley Truck Outfitters and Comet Cleaners.

    Jr. Fan for May 25th, 2013
    Thanks to Brian for the photo.

  • Memorial Day 2013

    Memorial Day 2013

    Last night during the start of the race program at Tri-State Speedway, military personnel, past and present, presented our nations colors during the National Anthem.
    May we never forget what they do, and have done, for us and for the ones that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

    Memorial Day 2013

  • 2013 Enduro Series Race #1 and Tri-State / Monett USRA A Modified Challenge

    This Memorial Day weekend, there is only one place to be on Saturday the 25th - Tri-State Speedway!

    Not only will be running a full points program in all five classes, but we will also be running the first of three Enduro Series races for 2013 with up to $2,000 to win!

    *** Also, the Super Stocks will pay an additional $100 to win courtesy of C & A Auto Sales! ***

    Memorial Day Enduro #1 and Modified Challenge

    For rules on the Enduro race, please click on the rules button above (or hover over the button) and then click on Enduro Series. Up to $2,000 to win, up to one hour, up to 100 laps or until their is only one car moving. Oh yeah, it runs non-stop. No cautions, etc. The best part? You can even have a passenger/navigator with you in the car!

    Want an extra $200 in your pocket? Are you a USRA A Modified driver? All you have to do is win Saturday (25th) at Tri-State Speedway and then win on Sunday (26th) at Monett Speedway and it's yours! (Plus you'll also pick up the $250 Gift Certificate below and on this page.)

    Also don't forget about the B & B Racing Supply $250 Gift Certificate that is up for grabs for USRA A or B Modifieds. Win Saturday (25th) at Tri-State and win on Sunday (26th) at Monett and it's yours!

  • 2013 Enduro Series

    2013 Enduro Series Flyer

  • Jr. Fan for May 11th, 2013

    Last weekend's Jr. Fan was Lacy McCauley and her favorite driver is Neil Johnston, who drives the #17 Super Stock.

    Lacey McCauley

  • B & B Racing Supply Gift Certificate


    Do you want to win a $250 B&B Racing Supply Gift Certificate?

    Here's how:

    If you win at Monett Speedway or North Central Arkansas Speedway on Friday night AND Tri-State Speedway on Saturday night, B&B RACING SUPPLY will give you a $250 Gift Certificate!

    This offer is only for A-MOD's or B-MOD's.

    Eligible dates:

    May 10th & 11th, 17th & 18th or 25th (TSS) & 26th (Monett)

    B&B RACING SUPPLY is located at:

    16395 N HWY 94 , PEA RIDGE ,AR 72751

    B & B Racing Supply

  • Yaffe Iron & Metal Biker's Against Child Abuse (BACA) Races

    Be sure to make plans to join us this coming Saturday night, May 11th, as Yaffe Iron & Metal Company in Fort Smith presents the Biker's Against Child Abuse (BACA) point races.

    Don't forget ladies that it is ALSO the first Powder Puff Race of the season this Saturday night!

    It will also be $1 HOT DOG night PLUS if you buy a 2013 Tri-State Speedway track shirt, you will get a FREE pass to next weekend's races!

    There's EVEN MORE! If you haven't raced with us this year, you're pit pass is FREE this weekend!

    Yaffe Iron & MetalBiker's Against Child Abuse

    Join us for a full night of regular point racing at 7:30 PM in all five classes including Factory Stocks, Super Stocks, Economy Modifieds, Smith Chevrolet USRA B Modifieds and USRA A Modifieds.

    Also, as a result of the postponement last weekend, the deadline for registering for point fund money and awards has been extended until this Saturday, May 11th.

    You may still register and run with us at any time, but if you have not paid your registration fee by this weekend, you will not be eligible for post season money or awards. Please double check and make sure if you have any questions or doubts. It is up to you to make sure you have paid.

  • 6th Annual Danny Martinez Memorial Races postponed.

    Due to the rain, snow, cold and weather forecast for tomorrow, the 6th Annual Danny Martinez Memorial Races, presented by J-N-B Tire & Auto, have been postponed until May 18th.

    Please make a note that we WILL NOT be racing tomorrow, May 4th.

    Make plans now to attend the annual Biker's Against Child Abuse (BACA) Kid's Night, presented by Yaffe Iron & Metal, on May 11th.

  • Bicycle Races and Regular Point Races presented by A-Z Wholesale Warehouses

         This week's race program will be presented by A-Z Wholesale Warehouses, in Alma, Arkansas and A-Z Variety in Fort Smith, Arkansas and will feature a full race program in all classes PLUS bicycle races for kids, drivers, and parents, too!
         Your point leaders coming into this week's races are:

    • FACTORY STOCK: Kendall Hargrove (112), Pocola, OK
    • SUPER STOCK: Roy Roberts - (116, Bruce-Terri Catering, Skinny's White Spot), Alma, AR
    • MINI-STOCK: Randy Norris (91, Rick's Used Auto Parts), Fort Smith, AR
    • FRONT WHEEL DRIVE: Kaelin Richesin (87), Van Buren, AR
    • ECONOMY MODIFIED: Lance Robins (33, Goff Industrial Electric, Xtreme Chassis), Dyer, AR
    • MODIFIED: George Martin (15, Dillard Muffer & Brake, Classic Collision Center, Eric Carman Motorsports, Schoenfeld Racing), Fort Smith, AR

         There will be five age divisions for the bicycle races: 4-6 years old, 7-9 years old, 10-15 years old, 16 years old or older will race against any drivers that want to race, and a 55 year old and over category for all of the "young at heart."
         There will be a boys and girls division for each age group with first place trophies for the three youngest groups and a first and second place trophy for the two older groups. PLUS there will be TWO bicycles given away in a drawing from contestants in each of the three youngest classes for a total of SIX bicycles being given away! As always at Tri-State, you never know what else we may give away!
         The bicycle races will take place at intermission on the front strait. Make sure you have the kids there early to get signed up and don't forget the camera! 

  • Enduro Series Race #2 presented by TJ's Automotive

         This Saturday night will be the second of three Enduro Series races along with regular point racing presented by TJ's Automotive located on Towson Avenue in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Plus, as an added attraction, we will also be running a class of Southern Sport Modifieds.

         The Sport Mods will be running the second night of a two night show with Thunderbird Speedway and Tri-State Speedway. The top three drivers from both nights of racing will pick up on some extra bonus money.

         The Enduro race will run after the regular point program and will feature up to 80 cars. The Enduro cars are an almost stock automobile with just a few modifications being made for safety. You can even have a passenger ride with you! All you have to have to be eligible to race an Enduro car is have a valid drivers license (and, of course, have a car to race!)

         The race lasts for up to two hours, or 100 laps, or there is only one car left running, whichever comes first. There are no yellow flags and the race will only be stopped if there is a complete blockage of the track. Rough driving will get a driver disqualified as this is an endurance event and not a demolition derby.

         And the best part? It pays $2,000 to win! There will be $5,000 up for grabs for this single race. We will also run one more of these Enduro Series races this year. A driver who wins all three could walk away with over $6,000!

         For more information and complete competition rules, please click on the RULES button above and scroll down to ENDURO RULES.

         We hope to see everyone this Saturday night, July 14th, 2012 for a full night of regular point racing and then for the big Enduro Series race!

  • OVRA Racing presented by SYKES Enterprises on May 19th, 2012

    This Saturday night's racing action will be presented by SYKES Enterprises in Fort Smith, Arkansas and will feature a full night of point racing in all classes plus the Ozark Vintage Racing Association (OVRA.) Plus, FREE rides for kids, after the races, in the OVRA cars!! ALSO, any driver who has not challenged the legendary Tri-State high banks this year will get a FREE pit pass this weekend. 
    The Ozark Vintage Racing Association was first founded in 2003 by three guys that wanted to go back in time, and remember the times when one of the founding members dad and mom took him to all the local tracks in the 60's and 70's in northwest Arkansas. Another founding member wanted to go back to the time when his dad was a top competitor at any race track in the area from the time he was born. The third founding member also wanted to get back to a simpler time when he remembered his brother owning some of the fastest cars of the very early 60's. Between these three guys there are countless years of being involved in racing dating back to the 50's when they were hanging on pant legs and breathing in the smells of burnt gear oil and gasoline or just playing in the dirt. Now after all these years of racing and between all three they have all carried on the family tradition of driving, owning and building some of the fastest cars in northwest Arkansas.
    After taking a few years off, the guy’s paths have crossed again and the decision was made to bring OVRA back, after more response than ever and always being asked why did it stop. OVRA will promise to strive to always have the most professional run events and fun possible, which is what it is all about... Fun. And don’t forget... "Git’n Dirty Ol' School Style." Make sure to visit their website at
    These guys will race several races against each other throughout the night's events AND give FREE rides to the kids after the race program!
    As a family of global businesses delivering business process outsourcing services, SYKES sets the standard for excellence in customer service. Whether serving a credit card customer in Denver, a healthcare patient in Toronto, or a utility customer in Budapest - SYKES brings over 30 years of service expertise to every customer interaction.
    As the service provider of many Fortune 500 companies, industry leaders trust SYKES to help build and sustain profitable customer relationships that last a lifetime. And we deliver.
    At SYKES, we don't leave customer interactions to chance. Using our proven Science of Service approach to customer care, we continuously observe, evaluate and adapt to meet the ongoing and changing service needs of customers.
    Delivering service that's always on time and always relevant - SYKES works hard to help our clients overcome even their most complex business obstacles. We can do the same for you. Don't forget to visit their website at
    SYKES is your community partner.
    Racing is scheduled to start at 7 PM with regular grandstand pricing of $8 for adults, $2 for kids, and FREE for any veteran or active duty military member.

  • Point Races presented by Elite Homes, Inc. on May 12th, 2012

    This Saturday night will be another high-octane thrill ride when Elite Homes, Inc. presents a night of point racing in all six classes on the high banks of the legendary Tri-State Speedway.

    Point leaders coming into this weekend's races are: Lance Robins (33) with a 68 point lead over fellow Economy Modified driver Dallas Bourland (48). In Factory Stocks, Kendall Hargrove (112) leads by just 40 points over last week's "A" Feature winner, Greg Dobbs (6). Front Wheel Driver racer Kent Jenson (18) has an even smaller margin to make up, just 18 points, to catch leader Kaelin Richesin (87).

    After Wesley Bourne (5) reeled off five consecutive wins in the Mini-Stocks, Randy Norris (91) has now claimed the lead by 76 points. In the tightest points battle, at this time, multiple time track champion, Lonnie Robins (33) leads Fort Smith's George Martin (15) by only three points. Super Stock veteran Racin' Roy Roberts (116) will start the night off with a 17 point advantage over Shawn Sweeten (5S).

    Elite Homes, Inc. is a family owned and operated business in Spiro, Oklahoma.  They specialize in fulfilling your homeowner needs. From financing and/or land provisions, to finding your dream home, getting it set up and hooking up utilities, so that all you ave to do is move in! They want to hear from you if anything is needed, and whatever the need, They'll make sure it is accomplished either by them or the factory that built your home.

    Make sure to stop and tell Jerry that Tri-State Speedway sent you or visit their web site at

  • CSi Cooling Solutions, Inc. Point Races

    This Saturday night, May 5th, 2012 will be regular point racing in all six classes sponsored by Cooling Solutions, Inc. (CSi) in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Racing is scheduled to start at 7 PM. The weather looks like it will be a perfect night for racing on the legendary high banks in Pocola, Oklahoma.

    There is also a "bounty" that has been placed on H Palmer and his X-15 Economy Modified. H (Harry) has won the last three "A" features in a row with a very strong and fast machine. Track promoter Tim Adams said: "Let's put a little extra money on the line and see if any one can take the win away from H." With the area's leading Economy Modified payouts, an "A" Feature win, for any other driver, in the class on Saturday night will get them a $425 paycheck.

    CSi provides cooling system sales, service and repair for all makes of vehicles, as well as industrial and oil field applications. Don't lose time and money waiting for parts and equipment. If they don't have the radiator or part you need, they can usually have it shipped to your location overnight. Call them first with all your cooling needs.
    They specialize in: Core Repair, Custom Tank Manufacturing, Fabrication of out-of-production replacement units, Complete radiators, Charge air coolers service, and Fuel tanks. 

    No one in the area offers a larger range of radiator service and repair. Be sure to check out their web site at for more information. Stop by their location at 3204 Wheeler Avenue in Fort Smith and tell Eric and Tim that Tri-State Speedway sent you!

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