Bonus $$$ Up For Grabs!

Sunday, 02 March 2014 00:00

Do you want to win some extra cash? Who doesn't, right?

In a joint effort to help area drivers make some extra cash each week, Tim Adams, promoter at Tri-State Speedway, in Pocola, OK, and Jacob Frese, promoter at West Siloam Speedway, have put together a bonus package for Pure Stocks, Super Stocks and USRA B and A Modifieds.

All you, as a driver, have to do to get the extra money is win an A Feature at one track and win the next A Feature at the other track in the same class. By West Siloam running on Sunday evenings in 2014, this bonus program becomes possible and also allows the growing USRA divisions to earn national points on two nights in the same weekend.

If you win an A Feature on Saturday night at Tri-State and win on the next A Feature on Sunday night at West Siloam, in the same class, you win bonus money. It also works, if you win an A Feature on Sunday night at West Siloam and then win an A Feature, in the same class, the following Saturday at Tri-State.

USRA A Modifieds will win an extra $100, USRA B Mods will win an extra $75 and the Super Stocks and Pure Stocks will win an extra $50. The bonus money will be paid to you at the track where you win the second A Feature.

Please contact Tim or Jacob with any questions on this great opportunity to pocket some extra cash each week.

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