• Factory and Super Stock Rule Clarifications

    Information regarding the requirement of a steel plate beneath the driver's seat was omitted from the rules pertaining to Factory Stocks and Super Stocks and has now been added.

    Also, the rule regarding engine set back for the Super Stocks was incomplete and has been corrected.

    To view the changes or print a copy of the rules, please click on, or hover over, the rules tab above and select which class you wish to view or print.

  • Rule Clarification and Rule Addition

    There has been a recent update/clarification to the line-up procedures. This update is in reference to the new passing point system that will be in place for the 2013 season and relates to how a driver will "qualify" for the "A" Feature. You can find these updates/clarifications by clicking, or hovering, on the "Rules" tab above and then on the "General Rules." The updated rules are from rule #4 through #10.

    There has also been a rule addition to the Factory Stock rules. A rule was added under the "Engine" rules to state the maximum compression allowed per cylinder. This new rule is now rule #2 and can be found by clicking, or hovering, on the "Rules" tab above and then on the "Factory Stock" tab.

  • Rule Change and Sanction Update

    The Smith Chevrolet "B" Modifieds are now officially sanctioned by the USRA and will be eligible for regional and naitonal USRA "B" Modified points.

    Also note a rule change concerning the 10" tires on the Smith Chevrolet "B" Modifieds. You will now only be allowed to run a 10" wheel/tire until June 30th, 2013.

    For a complete set of 2013 Tri-State Speedway rules for the Smith Chevrolet "B" Modifieds, click on the Rules button above or by clicking here.

  • Schedule Changes

         A few schedule changes have been made to the 2013 schedule. Please take a look at the updated schedule by clicking on the "Schedule" button above or by clicking here. Dates and/or events that have changed are listed in orange.